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Dr. Jeannie Arunimā

Ready to empower your energy, health, and wellbeing?

Hello and Namasté!  Welcome to Golden Life Healing!  The fact that you are here probably means we share some really important values, like health, wellbeing, self -development and spiritual growth. Is this so?

You may or may not have realized why you were drawn to my site, but if you’re like most of my clients around the world, you’re probably searching for a way to reduce stress, feel better, regain your energy and improve your symptoms or heath. Maybe you want help, or, wish to learn more about healing and natural energy tools for yourself?

If so, let me reassure you, you have come to the right place! I’ve created a unique and natural system of healing and self-healing that has worked for people just like you, all around the world.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way…. with my Golden Life Healing System! Welcome! 

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A Little About Me

My lifetime passion, dharma and deepest wish is for global healing of entire human civilization so that everyone of us will thrive here on our beautiful Mother Earth in peaceful co-existence.

The Mission I have created for Golden Life Healing  is:

To nurture individual wellbeing & the collective awakening of humanity in order to bring about global healing, harmony, and sustainable peace to our beautiful world.

I truly believe that work begins inside each one of us, on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When we make our own energy, choices, and lives good, great, and sustainable, we create that ripple effect across humanity. As I always find myself saying,

“As we heal ourselves, we heal our world.”

 -Dr. Jeannie Arunimā Smith


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When we work together for healing or mentoring, you’ll benefit from simple and natural, self-healing practices I learned as a student of renowned Japanese master healer, Dr. M.M. Nakazono, O Sensei. This insightful knowledge from ancient Japanese medicine can empower your qi (energy) and  good health for a lifetime. Using techniques from Energy Medicine to Intuitive Medical Readings, this unique system offers you insight to regain and maintain your vital health.

You will also benefit greatly from my early travels to India where I studied ancient yogic wisdom with my beloved meditation teacher which I have practiced and loved for over 40 years… I consider this great treasure of turning within my own saving Grace! And you can learn it effortlessly as well.

As a natural empath and sensitive, I offer skilled energy readings and in-depth insights for your long-term healing, supported also by my 21 years of practice when I served as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

You’ll also receive the benefit of my well-honed teaching and mentoring expertise gained over 21 additional years when I served as a teacher, mentor, and national certified literacy trainer.

These 42 years of professional experience in combining education, healing, and mentoring makes me an expert at caring for others. The most important skills I can share with you in our work together are the tools to empower you to take care of your own health & wellbeing.

Dr. Jeannie Aruima
light gold sun over clouds in mountain scape

When we work together in sessions, you will experience a sacred space of unconditional loving empowerment for your healing and highest wellbeing. My goal is that you feel completely nurtured, supported, relaxed, and at peace during our time together.

When we work together in healing or mentoring, you will receive simple, natural, and powerful self-healing practices that you can easily use. I developed thes practices over four decades of study in energy, meditation, and mulitple natural healing methods, all empowred by Kototama Life Therapy.

The legacy of insightful knowledge from ancient Japanese medicine is almost magical, and will empower you to vitalize your qi (energy) to create good health for a lifetime! You will learn about your own specific needs based on the principles of the 5 Elements, and energetic balance of your energetic body systems through the gift of an intuitive medical reading and empathic insight.

You will also benefit greatly from my early travels to India, where I studied ancient yogic wisdom with my beloved meditation teacher. I have loved this practice for over 40 year. I consider this great treasure to be my greatest saving grace and ultimate self-empowerment tool for all human beings. Going within, to the “Inner Wellspring.”

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