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Introducing… Golden Life Audio Journeys


Effortlessly create your health & well-being in just minutes per day!

Hello!  I’m Dr. Jeannie Arunimā, creator of Golden Life Audio Journeys and I’m really glad you’re here. Welcome! (Please see my video below.)

If you’re looking for relief from the chronic onslaught of stress from our modern world, you’ve landed in the right place. 

In today’s fast-paced world, with so many factors causing continuous spikes on stress levels almost daily, it can be difficult to feel you can take time to relax, rejuvenate, and most importantly stop the chronic accumulation of disease-causing stress. If you don’t, there may be a price to pay.

That’s why I created Golden Life Audio Journeys. These short, energy-infused, healing audios stop stress in its tracks and help you to create your good health and greatest wellbeing to live the life of your dreams.

Thankfully, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars per session for healers, coaches, and therapists. Now you can access healing from the privacy of your own home or office… any time you wish. And it’s practically effortless…  just sit back and get comfortable, close your eyes, and….  Enjoy your Healing Journey!

GOT A MINUTE? (Just one!) Listen to WHY you want a healing journey!

Sit back and enjoy this beautiful nature path while you listen to my WELCOME MESSAGE and find out  how Golden Life Audio Journeys can easily increase your daily wellbeing. Enjoy!

Why Should I Choose Golden Life Audio Journeys?


When you experience  Golden Life Audio Journeys for yourself,  you will understand just how much you have been missing if you aren’t giving yourself the GIFT of daily, golden moments of deep peace, relaxation, and healing. 

Golden Life Audio Journeys will help you create the good health, peace, and wellbeing you deserve. And not only that… you’ll probably find using these audios daily will increase your productivity and efficiency!

Golden Life Audio Journeys will help you relieve stress.

Doctors know that 90% of disease onset starts with chronic stress.

Stress is known to weaken your immune system.


Golden Life Audio Journeys give you an easy tool to STOP the disease-causing stress for good!

Isn’t it time to take action now?

So what have you got to lose? Get started on your Journey today!!

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“As We Heal Ourselves, We Heal The World!”

           -Dr. Jeannie Arunimā, Founder of Golden Life Audio Journeys

With even the smallest effort, anyone can learn to use this powerful self-care tool in their daily routine.

At home or at work, it’s simple. Natural. And actually quite enjoyable!

 Golden Life Audio Journeys make it effortless for you

to return to the Inner Wellspring of Healing!

   1. Pick your Audio.

   2. Get comfortable.

        ✅   3.  Just push play.

It’s that simple to take charge of your wellbeing. Stop the chronic cycle of stress from this over-worked, overwhelmed world now. Use these simple, effective audios to create improved health & wellbeing in as little as 20 minutes a day!

After all, there are no coincidences. You’re here for a reason.  So, what are you waiting for?

But what if I don’t have time? I’m too tired for one more thing!                   Besides, I can’t meditate, my mind never stops!

Stopping for a few minutes of deep meditation every day adds years of wellbeing to your life!

If you think self-care isn’t easy or  takes too much time & effort…


then consider this:

Golden Life Audio Journeys was created for people JUST like YOU!

Seriously, you’re in for a treat.

The truth is, there is a natural source of healing, restoration, and wellbeing inside.  If you haven’t experienced it yet, you will be thrilled to discover it! And the funny thing is…. you just have to learn to go inside your own, beloved self. Let Golden Life Audio Journeys be your healing guide. It’s easy. Lovely. Relaxing. And safe!


The only thing you’ve got to lose is… stress, fatigue, and lack of wellbeing!

How great is that?

Still not sure? Then read more, or better yet… head over to our Audio Store and

find your favorite Golden Life Audio Journey and get started right now!

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What makes Golden Life Audio Journeys different than other meditation or self-hypnosis audios?

Dr. Jeannie Aruima

Dr. Jeannie Arunimā brings 42 years of experience as a meditator, teacher, healer, musician and natural empath to the creation of every Golden Life Audio Journey. Each audio is hand-crafted with her careful attention, skill, care, and great love.

Natural healing and beautiful nature sounds are blended with hand-picked music from around the world. Additional healing sound frequencies or binaural beats support you as you listen and follow along with the soothing voice and expert guided meditation narrative, which includes mindfulness practices and therapeutic Ericksonian hypnosis language patterns to help you relax effortlessly.

All audio journeys are recorded in a sacred healing space filled with Earth stones and crystals, blessed by years of energy healing sessions with clients around the world from her healing and mentoring practice, Golden Life Healing.

Prayerfully offered, Golden Life Audio Journeys are intentionally infused with Sacred Energy Healing, and sound vibrations to bring therapeutic frequencies to the very depths of your cells and dna strands, mind, and spirit. 🙏 

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 Don’t feel like you can do one more thing, even if it sounds great?

What if feeling great takes almost no time, is effortless, and actually easy?


Wouldn’t you want that right now?  You can have it! 

Still not sure? Let me show you why Golden Life Audio Journeys are the perfect tool to bust stress, improve your health, and restore your wellbeing, even if you’ve never tried guided meditation or relaxation audios before!

round alarm clock depicting time

What we often hear is that people don’t think they have TIME to do just one more thing. EVEN as little as 20 minutes!

But have you ever considered what it’s actually costing you to continue to put yourself last? Where will you be a year from now if you don’t take care of yourself very well now?

Your health and wellbeing is worth investing this few minutes of enjoyable rest and self-healing every day, is it not?

In less time than getting ready for work or doing dishes, give yourself the GIFT of peace, serenity, and calm to be centered and more efficient.

What better gift can you give yourself or loved ones than a healthier, happier, and more energetic YOU?

black woman sitting peacefully on beach depicting efforless

Often, busy professional are already maxed out. The thought of  ‘doing’ one more thing stops you in your tracks.

But what if  STOPPING is EXACTY what you need? Golden Life Audio Journeys GIVE you that complete feeling of stopping. Taking a moment for YOU!

You don’t have to “DO” anything, or struggle to quiet your mind.  You don’t have to know how to meditate or sit still.

In fact, that is the BEAUTY of it! Think of it like a mini-vacation, a lunch break at the beach, or a quiet sit in nature. Heavenly peace.

The only thing required is that you just sit back,  relax, listen, and breathe. Effortless, huh?

FInger hovering over button depicting the easy way to relieve stress with Golden Life Audio Journeys.

When you’ve been working hard all day, whether at work or home, or probably both as you care for your family and many responsibilities, the LAST thing you want is to have to do something that’s hard.

Often people feel that slowing down their minds or learning meditation is “hard.” Is that you?

Golden Life Audio Journeys are EASY. If you can listen, you will succeed!  Experience the universal inner healing power. It’s a natural part of every living being! (And YOU!)

When you push “Play” you’ll find yourself on a journey more restorative than the same amount of sleep, and deeply comforting.

All you have to do is push play.

Golden Life Audio Journeys bring you peace and wellbeing.

FINALLY, ENJOY A MOMENT of True Serenity & Inner  Peace!

Take Deep Comfort in the deep relaxation & healing of Golden Life Audio Journeys!

Whether you’re taking a break at work, at the park for a quick lunch, or lying in bed at night, Golden Life Audio Journeys give you an effortless way to unwind, refresh, and create the wellbeing in life you deserve.


All blessings and love from Golden Life Helaing.
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Golden Life Audio Journeys


Effortlessly create your health & wellbeing in just minutes per day!