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Enjoy a sample of our upcoming guided meditation &  self-healing audio journeys.

Namasté and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting Golden Life Audio Journeys!  May these guided audio healing sessions bring you transformational healing and deep peace. All Blessings & Love to you in your healing journey.

-Dr. Jeannie Arunimā

A Personal Welcome to You!

by Jeannie Arunima | Golden Life Healing

These guided, transformational audio sessions are designed to support your Self-Healing and highest Well-Being for a Joyful, Healthy, and deeply Fulfilling Life. 

Immerse yourself in this Sacred Space in Time, which has been infused with Ancient Prayers and Blessings.

Experience the highest Healing Intentions for your health and Well-Being, as they are merged with the healing, Universal Light to support you in your journey.

These audios may be used for self-development, self-love, and self-healing. They are not to bused while driving, operating machinery, or caring for others, as they promote relaxation and deeper states of consciousness. Please use with care and intention. 

May the Sounds, Words, and Energy bring you deep healing and a lasting sense of Inner Peace & Joyful Well-Being.

All Blessings & Love,

Dr. Jeannie Arunimā, Golden Life Healing

Important Warning: DO NOT USE AUDIOS WHILE DRIVING or Operating machinery!

Golden Life Healing Audios is a production of Golden Life Healing, providing natural life healing therapies for health and well-being of body-mind-heart-and-spirit.

“As we heal ourselves, we heal our world.” 

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