The Rising of a New Age (Part 2)

The Rising of a New Age (Part 2)

Individual Awakenings Lift Humanity

Part 1, A Golden Opportunity for Humanity! discusses how the ancients of many cultures of mankind foretold the coming of a new age for humanity. And just as the start of the next season lies nestled in the midst of the current one, so too the next civilization of mankind is already beginning in the midst of our current world situation. In Oriental Medicine, this is an example of the “yin within yang” and the “yang within yin,” depicted graphically in the well-known symbol of Yin and Yang. But how does this help us usher in a new civilization? Considering the current state of global affairs, the future is uncertain, at best.

Yin Yang symbol

The question many ask, in the face of a seemingly hopeless and overwhelming situation is,

“What can I possibly do to make a difference?”

This is a great question! But we cannot leave it to dangle, delivering it’s message of incapability! We must continue to reflect and ask ourselves, where inside myself is this question coming from? What is at the root of this disheartenment? Clearly, the tone of the question reveals both the recognition of something needing to be changed, and, a sense of disempowerment. The words imply that, no matter what efforts one may exert, the outcome would be nearly meaningless. Has this ever been your experience? I, for one, certainly have, and of late, every time I watch the news.

When I experience this kind of discouraging thought, I shake my head, and just want to forget the whole situation, and shove it to the back recesses of the mind. This is how people go numb to the situation. The problem with doing so, is that a lingering undercurrent of disharmony continues in the background, as the situation is not resolved. Sometimes, as in our current world pandemic, the situation can NOT be readily resolved. Sweeping cultural forces, built over many, many generations, cannot simply be changed or altered through even the most ardent lifetime of one individual’s passionate efforts. The current culture of mankind is like and enormous wave on the ocean, and one human being is like a drop of water. What can the drop, of itself do, to change the tidal direction?

On the outside, one human being, or even a dedicated small faction, presumably can do little to create sweeping change. However, on the inside, there exists an unlimited potentiality within each individual.

According to modern physics, an actual connection to the entire cosmic landscape of physical existence. We are made of star stuff. We are made from the molecules of earth, sun, star, and elements. We are one with all that exists. Doesn’t this point to a kind of deep, human collective spirit within? Connected at our roots like the aspen trees, their branches so intertwined that a seemingly one organism.

The fact that we are not taught at an early age about our connectedness, to this world and each other, is a disservice to the human experience. In our popular culture (the same one that values sex, sports, and entertainment so much higher than educating the next generation of humanity) we place so much importance to material, external well-being. The focus is on acquisition, external accomplishments, and maintaining status quo.

Surely the deep thinkers, mystics, and devout beings realize a deep inner reservoir of human capacity akin to and cosmic connection. There is also a deeper reservoir of reverence and respect for nature throughout indigenous cultures. Why has popular culture gone so shallow as to create actions that are killing our own natural habitat and resources?

If we take the idea of human connectedness as true, we now have a platform from which to answer the original question. “What can I possibly do to make a difference in this vast human collective?”

blue aura earth in purple cosmos

Inner work. The answer when there is seemingly little we can do to affect a global change, is to work on what we can affect, from inside our own being to within our own lives. In this way, we effect change, one life at time, until such time as the critical mass takes over, and the change becomes a larger reality.

Perhaps we can take comfort in the adage from Oriental Medicine: the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, and visa versa. A simplified example is that the smallest and the largest operate under the same physical laws. The particles of an atom orbit the nucleus just as the planets orbit the sun.

Meanwhile, we also take mindful action as we can. An obvious example in making a difference toward how we are governed, is to vote. If we want to reduce the use of pesticide use across the country, we buy organic, and explain why to others. These may seem small actions, insignificant to huge problems, but en masse, they can be very powerful. The tidal wave of grass roots change is historically slow, yet it is significant and lasting, and broad-reaching. Change comes from within.

Just as the tender seeds of one seasons beginning lies in the height of the previous season, humanity’s future exists in silent presence of the current, collective human mindset.

If we as individuals put forth the effort to understand our own inner workings- our minds, mindset, emotions, patterns, etc, and make our inner landscape peaceful and clear, then eventually our society will inevitably change for the better. As individual drops of rainwater collect to form a lake, so too will human awakenings collect until there is enough shared awareness to change the current tide of corruption, greed, ignorance, and violence against one another.

Each one of us has the ultimate opportunity, perhaps even the responsibility, to understand the depths of our own inner being, forming ourselves into that which we would wish for our entire species and world. Let us hold a vision of deep respect for all things, animate and inanimate, and create an unshakable, common human morality which has compassion and awareness at it’s roots. In this way, we can begin to create our world anew, sustainable, secure, and sacred.

Each individual, human awakening adds to the collective upliftment of humanity as a whole, and in this way, we do have a powerful strategy to answer the question, “What can I possibly do?”

Wake up. Become aware. Make decisions from the highest view point that includes our sustained, global humanity.. Continue to develop the greatest capacity of being human, manifesting real love, in the greatest sense of the word. From the place of real love, divine love, we cannot harm one another or our world. In this way, we access our inner understanding and true power of discernment to bring about a new, and most wonderful age, for human kind.

Allergy Relief! My All-time, Favorite “Home Remedy”

Allergy Relief! My All-time, Favorite “Home Remedy”

so You’ve enjoyed the winter season with the crisp, clean air it brings. Or maybe, it’s recently been summer, and you’ve been feeling just great. With the long, warm days, you’ve been healthy and avoided any colds or flu.Your breath has been easy, and your head feels light as you’ve been going through your days. 

Out of nowhere, one morning is different. You awaken to find yourself with a heavy head. Foggy-brained, you make your way to the restroom, and notice dark circles under your eyes, and see they are red and puffy. Itchy too, you observe with annoyance.

As you make your way through this irritating fog, your brain kicks in and you start analyzing the problem. “Why do I feel so bad?” you ask yourself as you go through the list of possibilities. All you want is to clear your head so you can think!

Then the unwelcome realization hits you. Oh no! I remember this. It’s allergy season….. again!

Yield road sign with

According to the Center for Disease Control, over 19 million adults were diagnosed with hay fever in the United States (2018).2 These are just the cases reported by medical doctors.

Estimates show as many as 10-30% of adults, and 40% of children, suffer from hay fever and seasonal allergies in the US today.3

If allergy season affect YOU, then read on for my All-time Favorite, #1Tip for allergy relief you can do at home. It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s often the most overlooked, simple solution to soothing those pesky, irritating, and sometimes even debilitating allergy symptoms. As you may have already guessed, yes, it’s water. Plain, ole H2O! Surprise!

“How in the world will water help my allergies?

If you asked this, I’m glad you did! There are three important, simple-to-accomplish ways that water, the blessed liquid of life, can offer relief to those annoying allergy symptoms. They work by reducing allergens.

floating spikey pollen particles close up




Artist rendition of close up pollen particles

“Tiny, spikey tumbleweeds.” That’s how my own allergy specialist described pollen to me. Yuck!

These little guys are designed to stick in order to fulfill their function of pollination.

They remind me of those irritating weeds that stick to your socks and are so hard to get out!

Just imagine them sticking all over your hair, eyelashes, pets, and clothes every time you go outside.

During pollen season, the air is thick with pollen. For allergy sufferers, this is a real problem. Fortunately, these three, easy-to-do, home remedies using just water can often provide amazing relief and comfort

Three Easy Tips to Soothe Allergy Symptoms…. with WATER!

1-Wash away allergens!

Make your bedroom an allergy-free zone. Create a simple habit before bedtime to keep your pillow and covers free of the dust and pollens that stick to you during the day. This provides relief so the body can reset, and take a break from these external allergens! Consider making your entire living space allergy free.

-Keep pollen-laden clothing away from other clothes and your bed! Change into fresh evening wear or PJs.

-Wash your face with a mild soap and rinse well. Baby shampoo is a non-stinging way to wash eyelashes.

-Wipe off your hair with a clean, damp washcloth. It helps! (Remember your pet, if it sleeps with you.

-Rinse out your eyes & nose, if allergies are bad. Simple saline is the best. (If you use a Neti pot, be very careful to use correctly, as the sinus cavity connects to the inner ear, which could be at risk for infection.4)

2- Stay hydrated!

-Drink plenty of water to help thin mucus secretions. This makes it easier for the respiratory system to expel allergens. Drink enough for your body type and needs, but don’t enthusiastically overload your system!

-Hydration is known to have a positive effect on histamine levels, and actually promotes allergy relief.

-Be sure your water is good quality. Purify city water to remove chlorine and particulates that can add to the detoxification work of the Liver System and contribute to allergy problems overall.

3- Humidify!!!

-This is my FAVORITE tip! The comfort of a simple humidifier in the bedroom can bring huge relief! I like the white noise, but the soothing water vapor not only softens dry nasal passages and dry eyes, the water droplets in the air actually knocks down those pesky pollens and dust particles, removing them from the air!

I’m always surprised that just walking into my humidified bedroom makes me so feel great!

-Be sure to change the filter and keep your humidifier clean. There are many options out there, but even the simplest evaporative model makes a huge difference, especially if you life in a dry climate, or have the heater going inside. In damp climates, don’t humidify. Instead, check air quality, and potential mold sources, and consider a bedroom air filter or ionizer.

By taking action during allergy season with these three, simple tips, you can use our most abundant resource, water, to bring comfort and relief from seasonal allergies. This may reduce your needs for medications, or even improve their effectiveness.

 Of course this is a first line of defense. Diet, heredity, and environment all play a part in allergy patterns. .Allergy symptoms are often similar to signs of cold virus or flu coming on. Watch for yellow, green, or red-tinged discharge from eyes, nose, or coughing, as these may indicate an infection which requires medical care.

PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL ADVISE if you experience shortness of breath or urgent or ongoing symptoms!

NOTE: If you suffer from chronic allergies, and are seeking further relief, please contact me for a free consultation to discuss how Natural Life Energy Therapy may be of help to you.

All Blessings and Love,

Jeannie Arunimā ♡


Additional Resources

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4 (best practice for Neti Pots.)

The Rising of a New Age (Part 1)

The Rising of a New Age (Part 1)

A Golden Opportunity for Humanity!

The ancients of many cultures foretold of the rising of a new age for humanity. Are we seeing the beginnings now?

During this extended, world-wide pandemic, we have all been forced to pivot on many levels. Entire industries, education, families, and friends have transformed the way we interact, turning to the worldwide web, the outdoors, social distancing, and curbside or delivery, we are pivoting our way of life like never before. Children now face an entirely different world that the one we grew up in.

We find ourselves needing to define what this new way of interaction means to us, and how we can connect as human beings, as we move forward together during uncertain times. .

This is a golden opportunity for humanity, to become aware of where we are now, and to wake up. In the face of the extensive suffering and disruption, as we look to what is most important, to what we value in our lives, we begin to see what is actually of most value. Indeed, as our focus sharpens to see what is crucial for our own lives, and that of our loved ones, we cannot help but also perceive what is crucial to our global existence and humankind.

Borders do not protect us from a pandemic, shortage of medicine, or economic impact. Politics running amok, and valueless leadership, does nothing to help us. Competition and bigotry cannot continue to be the norm. We find there is no longer a “leg up” in the ways of separatism, nationalism, or individualism. Even religions and existential belief systems must pivot to find a common ground based in human compassion if we are to work together to survive and thrive as a human species into the future.

The ancients of many cultures foretold of the rising of a new age for humanity, and I believe that opportunity is now upon us. Many have likened the current world situation as coming to a precipice, or to the edge. However, the choice to see and act must be ours. How can we, as individuals, make a difference in the seemingly raging and unstoppable current of modern civilization? This is the same, modern culture which was developed based on separatism, getting ahead, achieving our goals and desires, regardless of the cost. And the cost has been dear. Our very own planet- air, soil, water, atmosphere, etc, is threatened. Unnatural climate changes wreaking havoc, entire species endangered or extinct, biological threats and the ensuing pandemic, all unprecedented in our modern age, we now find to be a reality.

What can we do as conscious, caring human beings, to ensure the survival of our human race in the face of, not only the current pandemic, but the extremely unstable political culture we have allowed to come to pass?

What is our own responsibility in this? What can a single individual do to turn the tides of a faltering civilization?

We each must turn inside and cultivate the awareness of our highest, innermost self. The source of our being. That awareness and capacity which can realize the deepest, common truth of our human existence. When we finally realize that we are not simply the external, physical body, but connected in a way that links all of creation, our perception will change. Our decisions will come from a much higher capacity, a deeper divinity, a collective morality which will act in a way to protect all of life, all of humanity, all of this precious planet which we call home.

From that place of awakened consciousness, we will no longer act only as separate individuals, just looking out for our own good. From a pure human depth of compassion and insight, we will naturally account for the great interconnectedness of all humanity, all of life. We will respect the relationship of ourselves to this beautiful, blue world which harbors us all.

As each human heart adds to the collective mass of evolving human consciousness, we begin to create a more enlightened and sustainable civilization grounded in the highest of human values for the benefit of all.


Part 2: Individual Awakenings Lift Humanity

For further reading about ancient world history, and the current way of human civilization, see The Source of the Present Civilization, written by, Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono, O Sensei.