Client Comments & Testamonials


“Many thanks to you Jeannie, for your kindness, encouragement and sensitivity.  The energy treatments (both in person in your office and by remote due to Covid) were powerful on every level.  They were effective around pain control post-surgically and helped my recovery tremendously.  Your insight into the mind, body and emotions, and care for my whole person was something I will always value.”

Annie Gant

Licensed Esthetician & Reiki Healer, Albuquerque, New Mexico


A wholehearted thank you and Namaste, Jeannie Dyke. She’s my go-to for stress relief and to reground, reflect, reconnect with my core beliefs. I almost want to keep her all to myself but in the spirit of community: If you’re overstretched and need help caring for yourself so your light can shine on others, if you seek guidance releasing chronic stress and its physical side effects, you need Jeannie in your life.

Nicole König

Abundance Business Coach, Buddhified Business Circle. Erlenbach bei Dahn, Germany

More Client Comments

“So happy you are returning to a healing practice – though just being around you is healing.” E.L.


“Nonjudgmental attitude toward other people.” C.R.


“Listening – taking the time to listen and understand others.” E.M.


“You have always cared about others and will go the extra mile to help when someone is in need.” M.L.


“This new career sounds PERFECT for you and for the people you will help!” S.D.


“I believe, you are a natural born healer, Jeannie. Your clients, will be in great hands.” E.Z.