A few words on……How Energy Healing Works

So what’s the deal? How does “energy” healing work?

As an adjunct and complementary therapy, energy healing is a mysterious and incredible phenomenon which defies the boundaries of Newtonian physics, our way of scientific thinking. This is the thinking that also says, “If we can’t see it, it’s not there,” only to later have technology advance to the point of making “new” discoveries that were actually understood by mystics and healers of ages past.

Modern medicine rightfully specializes in observable, data-based disease profiles with specific and specialized treatments. However, with such a fractionalized view, the whole of the living being can often be overlooked.

What is it that makes a cohesive whole out of all the individual body systems? What is the power that fuels our life?  There is an unseen force which causes our systems to work, that goes beyond the stimulating of hormonal and chemical reactions. This subtle energy accounts for our inner feeling, sensations, and awareness? This is that something unseen, which science cannot yet measure. In this regard, much of humanity has gone on faith alone. But each of us has the capacity to see and feel this with our own beings.

Ancient mystics gained insight through meditation and spiritual practices, discovering the inner channels of energy which run throughout the entire body.

Asian meridian theory, Ayurvedic chakras and energy channels (nadis), and modern sensitives and empaths see and work with this life energy which flows within us, connecting us to the entirety of the cosmos. And even modern astronomers acknowledge this connection, saying we are all made of the same essential “star stuff.” All the elements found with our bodies are also known to be the elements that make up the entire cosmos. 

The more recent science of quantum physics validates the energetic connectedness of all the phenomena of the universe.

This new view of physics may finally begin to explain the amazing success of energy healing, in it’s myriad of modern and historic forms. Today, energy and matter are now thought to be essentially the same thing, just as light is considered to be both a particle and wave.

 Just imagine what Sir Isaac Newton would have thought of our science today! Yet, there is still so much that exists that we cannot measure. Energy healing falls into this category, scientifically speaking. 

It is my experience that prayerful intention directs universal, life energy. This might be thought of in terms of the power of prayer, the power of love, and the power of manifestation. Directing this life energy, which is readily available to all,  empowers a client’s own natural healing ability, promoting harmonious energy flow and clearing away blockages. This leads the body, mind, emotions, and inner spirit back into equilibrium and thereby easing symptoms, pain, disease, and imbalances of all kinds.

Clients express the sensations of energy healing in different ways. Some feel a “shift” or a “letting go.” Some feel a deep, deep relaxation and sense of peace. Sometimes energy work brings up tears, or past emotions. And some feel physical sensations of heat, vibration, or a kind of soothing presence.

So what can You expect in an energy session?

Sessions last approximately 55 minutes, while clients rest in a place of comfort, safety, and receptivity.

Clients describe this time as restful, restorative, and relaxing. Bodies remain fully clothed, and soft music plays. Ocassionally there will be some talking, as in guided meditation, Sacred Inner Dialogue addressing energies or old patterns that surface. Clients often experience a deep relief and letting go of old blockages, but sessions are always guided by each client’s own comfort level. Sacred stones and crystals may be used, intuitive readings are shared, and self-help strategies will be discussed.

Coaching sessions empower clients with self-care & self-healing strategies designed uniquely for them and the specific situation which they are working to heal. Intuitive medical readings are used, along with client’s insight, to help guide the course forward to greatest well-being and empowerment to sustain a healthy and harmonious life. Clients have shared that they experience a deep sense of well-being, renewed energy, and a refreshed outlook on life from these sessions.

You are invited to schedule a free, 20 minute consultation by phone to ask questions and receive more information about Golden Life Healing offerings. Also, feel free to visit my bio here.