Are you overwhelmed, overdoing, or chronically stressed?

Take Care of YOU with this Personal Empowerment Program

Energy Tools Mentoring

Create the Life You Love!


Increase Your Energy & Life Force

Strengthen Personal Energetic Boundaries

Develop  Your Intuition and  Divine Gifts

Do you ever find yourself sacrificing your own well-being to take care of everything and everyone else? Maybe you feel like a servant to your schedule, and secretly wish to live the life of your dreams?

What are you waiting for? If you aren’t taking care of yourself now….. when WILL you?

Empower your own Well-Being!

Take CHARGE with Energetic Tools for Personal Empowerment! 

Energy Tools- A Personal Empowerment Program with Dr. Jeannie Arunima

Self- Healing & Empowerment Tools for Your Health & Highest Well-Being! 

Join Me for an 8-week Mentoring Program to Empower the Life of  Your Dreams!

In our time together, you will….

❖ Increase your personal health, energetic balance and vitality

❖ Develop tools to empower your energy and well-being

❖ Create a deeper connection with your Inner Source

❖ Develop your intuition and special Gifts

Are you ready?

Apply now for your  8-Week Mentorship Program. Enhance your energetic well-being, awaken the Self-Healer within you, and deepen your sacred, Inner connection to empower the life of your dreams.

Energy Tools Personal Empowerment Program is designed especially to help you develop and polish your own and new SELF-HEALING tools to support you in increasing your health, vitality, energetic empowerment, and greatest well-being!

As an empowered self-healer, you will carry away your personal tool bag of energetic healing skills, strategies, and practical methods to create your best health and well-being as you go forward on this human journey of life.

THESE ARE EXPERIENTIAL SESSIONS! We will develop, practice, enjoy, and experience learning and practicing transformative self-healing tools together.

I’ll share practical skills and energetic tools I’ve gathered over a lifetime of natural healing work. We’ll practice together, and you’ll be working on your own healing capacities at the same time. Come learn, play & have fun!

“As we heal ourselves, we heal our world.” -Dr. Jeannie Arunimā

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What you will receive:

-8 practical mentoring calls (75 minutes each via Zoom.)

– Experiential homework to cultivate your energetic Being in as little as 10-20 minutes per day.

-Choose your own Personal Healing Library of 6 Audios from Golden Life Audio Journeys. These transformational, guided audio meditations will support your health and well-being.

Your 8th Session: A Celebratory 1 to 1 Healing Session…. a personal transformational energy healing session with me via Zoom to celebrate your success and set your intentions to move forward with success. Includes intuitive medical reading of energetic systems with guidance for self-healing practices moving forward. ($497 value)

Energy Tools is a personal healing and mentoring EXPERIENCE to empower your well-being to live the life your love! Join a small group of like-minded, like-hearted women as we embark on this sacred empowerment and joyful journey together. It’ll be fun!

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Tuition for this special program with Dr. Jeannie Arunima is only: $1997 for a limited time. This opportunity will not last long. Space is limited. (This is actually an $8,953 value!)

 Payable in two installments for your convenience.

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When you think about it, what better investment can you make than empowering your own Well-Being?

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  • 8 tailored Sessions will guide and empower you to live a more integrated, energetic, happier life.

The Energy Tools Mentoring Program encompasses a wide variety of topics to empower your energetic well-being and inner balance/

Together, we’ll empower YOU to claim your own inner Gifts!

This introduction to a broad range of energy tools will give you a taste to discover more about yourself, your gifts, and how you wish to use them.

What We’ll Cover Together

☀️ Tools to Create Your Energetic Well-Being

☀️ Empowerment for Embracing Your Intuition & Inner Gifts

☀️ Learn Effective & Easy Self-Healing Practices

☀️ Ancient Wisdom for Your Personal Health Empowerment


Japanese Self-HealingDo-In (self-treatment of meridians/acupoints) 

Self Energy Healing/Chakras and Energy Systems

Meditation Methods: breath, dharana (centering technique), self-hypnosis for subconscious reprogramming

Earth Tools & Crystals  for Self-Healing, Empowerment, and Protection

Mindfulness practices for Teens & Adults to cultivate Inner Peace & Mental Clarity

Energetic Boundaries for service providers, coaches, caretakers, empaths, and sensitives

Cultivating Intuition: Oracle & Tools for Deepening Listening and Inner Trust

Creating Sacred Space inside and out:  Invocations, Blessings, and Ritual

Session #8:  Participants will receive a medical intuitive reading, along with a transformational session and consultation based on Kototama Life Therapy for  personal healing as the final, celebratory session, 1-1 with Dr. Jeannie.


YOUR TOTAL INVESTMENT is $1997 (Total $8,953 value!)

❖ Includes a free Welcome & Intention Setting Call ($197/value) 30 minutes ❖

❖ Includes a 1.25 hour Transformational Healing Session ($497/value) ❖

❖ Includes 8 Mentoring Sessions @ 75 minutes each ($3976 value) ❖

❖ Special Bundle of 6 Golden Life Audio Journeys of Your Choice ($108 value)

❖  Monthly  “Office Hours”  (two 45 minute group calls via Zoom) for all clients ($575 value)

❖ Direct messaging via Voxer  weekdays (24 hour response time)  ($3600 value)

Payment options:

Option A: Prepay full package (8 sessions)  $1997

Option B: Two installments  includes $25 fee of $1297  $1011 (due prior to Sessions 1 and 4)

OPTION C: Single mentoring sessions are available for $497 (75 min)

Payments may be made at booking.

To schedule your Energy Tools Mentoring Program, or free Welcome Call & Interview please go to  my scheduling page.

Take charge of your Wellbeing. Own Your Gifts.

Create the Life of Your Dreams!

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