Awaken your  Gifts, Energy & Sacred Inner Connection


Energy Tools Private Mentoring

Enjoy this tip on how to practice cultivating inner Joy.

Do you find yourself always putting off your own wellbeing? Perhaps you nobly sacrifice yourself to take care of everything &  everyone else, only to increase your fatigue & disappointment?

Ever feel like a servant to your schedule & secretly wish to live the life of your dreams?

What are you waiting for? If you don’t honor yourself NOW …. when WILL you?

Empower yourself with

Ancient Energy Healing Tools


Ignite your Inner Gifts & Wellbeing

in these 7 private Mentoring Sessions! 

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Here’s what’s included in this special program:

-7 one-to-one, guided mentoring calls so that you can unleash your inner intuition, open your chakra & energy flow,  and embrace your Sacred Inner Connection. (60 minutes via Zoom)

-Dedicated “Office Hours” for all clients so  you can ask questions and benefit from others’s questions who are also on the journey of self-discovery, expansion & energetic empowerment.

Guide to the Top 5 Power Practicesused by the Ancients to empower personal growth and transformation in order to unlock Divine Gifts, Personal Healing Power, and Sacred Inner Connection.

Personal Healing Library of 6 guided, healing, subconscious reprogramming meditations from Golden Life Audio Journeys so that you can fully empower your inner gifts, intuition, and the energy tools you choose to develop. You may select your own Audios.


Energy Tools is a personal empowerment EXPERIENCE designed to enhance your Intuition, Divine Gifts, and Sacred Inner Connection.

Embark on this sacred empowerment.  Expand your energy, wellbeing and awareness so that you can live the life of your dreams.

Schedule your Welcome & Interview Call here.

Tuition for Energy Tools Mentoring 7-week program is: $1222.

(This is a $5,353 value & amazing gift to give Yourself!)

Payable in two installments for your convenience.

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-SPECIAL BONUS: Your Mentorship will Culminate in a Celebratory Empowerment Session as your 7th Session.

This transformational, guided session will celebrate your success & help you set your intentions moving forward. It includes an intuitive energetic reading, and guidance for further study or practices, as well as a full healing or coaching session (your choice). ($497 value)

When you think about it, what better investment can you make

than empowering your own Divine Gifts & Sacred Inner Connection?

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Your Energy Tools Menu (You choose the focus!)

❖ Cultivating Intuition & Inner Gifts- Oracle & Tools for Inner Sight, Listening & Self-Trust

Energy Healing Practices- for healing, Chakra opening/alignment, clearing and protection

Sacred Inner Connection- breath, dharana (centering technique), meditation, & self-hypnosis strategies for subconscious reprogramming

Earth Stones & Crystals- for Self-Healing, Empowerment, and Protection

Mindfulness practices- to cultivate Inner Peace & Mental Clarity

Setting Energetic Boundaries- for service providers, coaches, caretakers, empaths, and sensitives

Creating Sacred Space- Invocations, Blessings, and Ritual to empower your work, sleep, and daily Joy.


$1222 (Total $5,353 value!)

You will receive:

❖  Welcome Interview & Intention Setting Call ($197/value) 30 minutes 

6 Mentoring Sessions focusing on Menu topics of your interest @ 60 minutes each ($1782 value) 

“Office Hours”  3 scheduled-group calls of 30-60 min. via Zoom for all clients ($575 value) 

Empowerment Healing OR Coaching Session with Intuitive Energetic Reading ($397 value)

You’ll get valuable BONUSES:

Personal Library of 6 Golden Life Audio Journeys of Your Choice ($162 value) 

Guide: The Top 5 Self-Empowerment Practices used by the Ancients, Sages & Elders ($ 222 value)


Payment Options

Option A: Prepay full package (7 sessions)  $1222

Option B: Two installments of $624

Payments may be made at or  prior to booking your Welcome & Discovery-Interview call here.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey of discovery & empowerment! All Blessings & Love to You!

                   -Dr. Jeannie Arunima 

Take charge of your Wellbeing. Own Your Gifts.

Create the Life of Your Dreams!

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