Golden Life Videos

 Replays of Uplifting Celebrations, Presentations, and Teachings by Dr. Jeannie Arunimā,  including Guided Healing Meditations


If you would like Dr. Jeannie to lead a guided healing meditation, mindfulness or self-healing program for your team, group or membership, please contact her here.

How to Actually Self-Love

Join me in this heart-centered hour with Sandra Chuma’s WORTHY membership as I share how I actually began to truly implement the feelings of Self-Love and Worthiness in my own life. Even after 40 years of “knowing’ and “trying”, I had a profound experience that showed me how to finally turn that feeling toward my own heart, and start experiencing it more fully.


Honoring the Self-Healer Within

January 2022 In this replay of a live Zoom presentation, Dr. Jeannie shares her definition of “self-healing,” along with 3 simple yet powerful, basic practices to begin and to cultivate one’s own energetic self-healing. To access the accompanying guided, healing meditation audio, and other Golden Life Healing Audios, please visit her site at

The Golden Light of Gratitude

November 2021 Zoom celebration in honor of the healing balm of Gratitude. In this program we share heart-felt thoughts, quotes, and an Indigeous People’s prayer of thanksgiving before diving into a peaceful guided healing meditation to experience the golden light of Gratitude in the heart.

The “Great Pumpkin” within… the Svaadishthana Chakra

October 2021 Zoom Celebration. In this program I share 3 tips for revitalizing your daily energy to feel great: self-healing tip from Oriental medicine using the tanden point from the “Triple Burner”, a core strengthening tip from an expert Pilates Coach, and a guided visualization to bring healing light to the orange jewel of the 2nd chakra in the low belly. A guided healing meditation session follows.

Equinox Celebration: Yin & Yang in Balance

September 2021 Zoom Celebration. In this program I share an ancient principle from Oriental medicine and yogic wisdom for creating balance within for health. A guided, healing meditation harnesses the energy of the Equinox to help bring about personal energetic balance and well-being.