Welcome to the Happy Human Journey (TM)

The Happy Human Journey (TM)

Personal Energetic Well-Being & Empowerment Tools for Success

7 Personalized Mentoring Sessions to Empower your Energetic Well-Being!


-Are you someone who wants to increase personal well-being, inner balance, and develop ever greater health and vitality? Do you want to develop your energetic being?

-Perhaps personal development & spiritual alignment resonate with you?

-Maybe you are seeking tools and guidance for a deeper connection with your own inner self, your aptitudes and deeper purpose? Or wish to increase your well-being & happiness?


Yes? Then come with me on a transformational journey of 6 personalized sessions that will align and empower your being in the areas of body-mind-heart-and-Spirit, and fortify your intention & highest potential!

“As we heal ourselves, we heal our world.” -Dr. Jeannie Arunimā

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Practical Details: What you will receive

-7 live mentoring sessions of 1.5 hours each via Zoom.  

-refined, practical tools designed to grow your Being in as little as 10-15 minutes per day.

-a free, guided healing audio help to empower your inner journey.

-free 30-45 minute Discovery Call

-Your 7th Session: A Complimentary Celebration Healing Session! 1.5 hour healing or transformational session with me via Zoom to celebrate your success and set intentions going forward! ($397 value)

My brand new Happy Human Journey, a personal mentoring experience, is now open for enrollment. Only 3 spots are available per month!

Contact me to schedule your complimentary discovery call and apply now! 

total tuition: $2,497 (includes tax), payable in installments.

If you think about it, what better investment can you make than the gift of well-being and tools to stustain it for your whole life?


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7 specially tailored Sessions will guide and empower you to live as a more integrated, energetic, happier human life!

In the Happy Human Journey, we will embark on a variety of topics to empower your energetic well-being and inner balance.

You will be empowered to claim your own inner gifts!

Here are some avenues of my own and past clients’ journeys which may inspire you.

Popular Themes available for You in the Happy Human Journey (TM)

Managing Personal Energy 

Embracing Inner Gifts


Personal Empowerment


Mindfulness practices and techniques for inner peace

❖ Building Intuition: Deep Listening, Oracles, and Trust

Healing Power of Nature, Earth Stones & Crystals

Self-Healing and Energetic Boundaries for caregivers, empaths, and sensitives

Guided Meditation for Well-Being, stress relief, self-healing and empowerment

Creating Sacred Space inside and out

❖ Using Invocations, Blessings, and Ritual

❖ Learning to Turn Within. Tapping in to the Inner WellSpring.

❖ Introduction to Chakras (Energy Centers) and Natural Energy

❖ Contemplative and Journaling for Well-being

Also available: a personal health reading and consultation for wellness


By booking now, you will receive my full mentoring package, PLUS these valuable bonuses.

YOUR INVESTMENT IS ONLY $2497/(includes taxes)

❖ Includes a Transformational Energy Balancing Session for Well-Being ❖

❖ Complimentary Guided Healing Meditation from Golden Life Audio

Payment options:

Option A: Prepay full package (7 sessions) $2497.

Option B: Two installments of $1297 (due prior to Sessions 1 and 4)

OPTION C: Single HappyHuman Sessions with me are available for $497 (2 hours)

Payments may be made via PayPal to [email protected]

For questions or to schedule your mentoring sessions or free Discover Call included, please contact Dr. Jeannie.