The Happy Healer Mentorship Program(TM)

Welcome to the Happy Healer Mentorship!™ 

A one on one course in Energetic Therapies & Ancient Wisdom for Health & Well-Being. Taught by expert healer and mentor, Dr. Jeannie Arunimā Smith, Kototama Life Therapy

 -Are you someone who wants to increase personal well-being, inner balance, and develop ever greater health and vitality? Do you want to develop your personal energetic well-being?

-Perhaps personal development & spiritual alignment resonate with you?

-Maybe you are seeking tools and guidance for a deeper connection with your own inner self, your healing gifts or deeper purpose? 

Yes? Then come with me on a transformational journey of 9 personalized mentoring sessions that will align and empower your being and fortify your intention  for healing & highest potential!

“As we heal ourselves, we heal our world.”

-Dr. Jeannie Arunima

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Join me for a unique, personalized mentorship tailored specifically for you! 

 The Happy Healer Mentorship™ offers a  blend of intellectual, heart-based, and experiential learning to deepen your own innate healing gifts. All energetic therapies are natural and safe.

The possibilities are endless. 

What do you envision for developing your own inner gifts & healing abilities?

My mentoring approach is highly curated to combine knowledge & intuitive practice for optimal learning.

Enjoy an experiential and nurturing opportunity to develop your confidence and skills as a new or practicing Healer. 

You will learn to empower, nurture and protect your own vital energetic life force.

Delve into ancient life principles inherent in Oriental and yogic wisdom regarding the energetic systems of the human body.

Expore & practice energetic tools that will strengthen your own personal growth and natural healing ability.


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woman sitting on top of mountain

 It is from this foundation that one can safely and confidently approach energetic interactions and hands-on healing with confidence.

1.5-2 hour mentoring sessions (9) include:

-personalized instructional content (see popular topics below)

-experiential learning during sessions & homework practice

-self-healing empowerment tools, guided meditation/visualization 

-healing and/or transformational energy work for your own needs

Topics in the Happy Human Mentorship

Managing Healing Energy & Tools

Embracing & Cultivating Inner Gifts

Nurturing your own Inner Power

Ancient Systems of Energy Medicine


Topics in Building Healing Skills

❖ Energetic Framework of the Human Body (Traditional Japanese Meridians &/or Ancient Yogic Chakra System)

Intuition: Deep Listening, Oracles, &  Trust

Ancient Principles of Life Energy

“Do In” Japanese Self-Healing technique

Personal energy healing, clearing, protection

❖  Sacred Healing Stones & Crystals

❖ Intention, Affirmation & Sacred Inner Dialogue

❖ Japanese acupressure & Te a Te therapy

❖ Practitioner Protocols, Integrity, & Legal Aspects to Consider

❖ Logistics of setting up a healing practice

Applications now available for this  unique mentoring package for the Golden Life Healing Method!




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❖ 6 months of “Office Hours Support/Q&A”  via scheduled monthly group Live Calls or email support. [6 @$197/hr calls = $1182 value]

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Payment options:

Option A: -15% Prepay full package discount (-$899 OFF of $5997) $5097

Option B: Three installments of $1,999 (due prior to Sessions 1, 4 & 7)

OPTION C: Single Happy Healer Mentoring Sessions are available for $497 (2 hours)

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