Here you will find prayers and blessings to offer inspiration and comfort.

Welcome to All! Namasté!

You are invited to pause, savor and connect as you reflect from goodness of your own sacred heart.


Prayers for inner peace. Prayers for outer peace. May peace show up within my heart. May the inner peace of connection to my highest source manifest completely in every cell of my being.

May I breathe in peace of the self. Peace of the deep space universe. Peace of the depth of the Mother Earth. May I breathe out peace. The peace of deep relaxation and love. Peace be with me. Peace be with you.

Peace be with us all. Om. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti. May there be peace, and peace, and more peace. And in the depth if peace, may we be united. Amen.

Power of Grace. Power of Protection. Power of Compassion. By whatever names we call Thee, by whatever Forms we envision Thee, accept our rememberance as we call upon Thee in prayer, and Be our Every Day Experience. //Aum//

Praise Be to the Creative Power of this Universe

Oh my mind, please hear my prayer. Remember your vastness, deep as the ocean depths, where great stillness abides. Though our thoughts may be raging as a tempest, remember, we can return into the buoyance of inner peace at any time.

Thou art That-

 When I feel you in my heart I know that we are together. You in Me. I in Thee. Thank you, Beloved Beyond Names.

 May you be happy. May I be happy. May we all be at Peace in this Beautiful World.

May I experience you, Lord, in sprouting leaves of springtime, wind-song all around me, and the dance of golden sunlight upon the blessed earth.

May we, humanity, realize that our greatest protection……     is Love!

May all beings be free of suffering. May goodness & mercy reign in our world. May we all experience Self-Love & Divine Compassion, every day.