#2 Sweet Sleep


3 powerful Golden Life Audio Journey titles to help you create peaceful, deep, restorative rest and sleep, along with a special MiniGuide with key practices to help you relax deeply in order to sleep well.

-Deeply Relax! (Plus companion MiniGuide)

-Gift of Serenity

-Grownup Lullaby

(see individual titles for preview sample and more information)

May you sleep in heavenly, restorative peace. Enjoy your Audio Journeys!



In this powerful bundle, you will be guided through several proven strategies to promote beneficial sleep. Using a classic mindfulness body scan and breathing will help guide you into a deep, sacred space of relaxation, ease and inner peace.

By listening to the audio again and again, you will find yourself learning to drift easily and quickly into a place of inner serenity, healing light, and well-being.

By dipping into the gentle audio lullaby will allow you to gently drift into sweet, soothing relaxation for both mind and body, in this way, you are invited to relax more and more deeply into the present moment, returning refreshed and renewed.

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