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Session Rates & Packages

Welcome & Discovery Call (free)

20-30 minutes  by Phone, scheduled.

You are most welcome to schedule a free welcome call to say hello and ask any questions you may have about my practice. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you prefer, you may skip this call and schedule your Introductory Healing session or Package instead. 

See Our Policies* below

Session Rates & Packages

Introductory Healing Session

80-90 minutes  by Phone or Zoom. Limited in person by application only.

Longer session allows for in-depth consultation and therapeutic co-planning optimal client care.

New Clients- Required, please schedule this Introductory Session as your first session unless you are booking a package.

Existing Clients, you may schedule this any time you wish a longer session experience.

Healing and Self-Care support are fully integrated and guided by intuitive reading of the body’s energetic systems. Working from your own intentions, we co-create your optimal well-being in body, heart, mind, and spirit through Natural Life Therapy.

New Clients will receive a written Summary of the Reading and personalized information and recommendations for self-healing practices which will most support the restoration or enhancement of their current wellness and balance of systems in the body ($108 value included free, only with first New Client session.)

 $250 +tax* 


See Our Policies* below

Golden Life Healing Session


55-60 minutes  by Phone or Zoom. Limited in-person by application only.

HealingSessions are crafted to meet each person’s unique needs and may include guided meditation, affirmation work, self-healing practices, and Rice Seed Therapy (TM) for balancing organ systems.

All regular sessions include an intuitive reading of body systems to order to guide Natural Life Therapy. Prayer Treatment and Energy Healing may be used for any areas needing deeper release and healing.



See Our Policies* below

Golden Life 5 Pack- Healing Sessions


55-60 minutes by Phone, Zoom, or in Silent Distance for Healing. In-person by application only.

Package Rate- 15% Savings!

Healing: Experience the gentle yet powerful, cumulative effect of weekly sessions to support your healing when faced with physical, mental, or emotional difficulties. Reduce fatigue, stress, and pain.

Coaching: Weekly sessions will enable and support you to adapt to new circumstances, increase your well-being, and empower your dharma and journey in life!


The Package of 5 allows for a deeper, more sustainable transformation in your journey of healing and well-being.


$170+tax* ($850. total package + tax) 


Prepayment required. Installments available, please contact me.

PayPal payments of alternative amounts may be sent to [email protected]


Please see Our Policies* below

Golden Life 10 Pack- Healing Sessions  (Great Value)


55-60 minutes by Phone or Zoom. In-person by application.

Package Rate-  20% Savings!


Extended, regular sessions offer a powerful support in both healing and increasing well-being.  Especially when facing chronic symptoms, a particularly difficult time, making a life change, adjusting to new circumstances, or empowering your deeper healing, choose this package of 10 sessions for maximum support. You may choose once or twice per week scheduling.


Healing: The 10 Pack offers strong support in healing of long-standing symptoms or difficulties, and deeply establishes and energizes your well-being.

Coaching: The 10 Pack supports you when you are ready to create a lasting change or important transformation in your life. Schedule a free Welcome Call to learn more.

$160.00 – per session +tax ($1600 total package + tax*)


To Pay in Full, pay here:


To Pay half, pay here:


Sessions must be prepaid. You may make half  or full payment above. For other options, please contact me here.

I also accept payments made by PayPal to [email protected]



See Our Policies* below

Golden Life 20 Pack: Healing Sessions  (Best Value! Also may be used as a “Family Pack.” Ask me for details. )


55-60 minutes by Phone or Zoom. In-person by application.

Package Rate-  25% Savings!

A power pack of extended, weekly or twice-per-month sessions offers the greatest support for healing, growth or transforming your life and well-being.

-You may choose the 20 Pack for increasing your energy, health and well-being.

-You may choose the 20 pack to support your healing of serious or long-term conditions.

-You may choose the 20 Pack to work with me in Coaching and Learning about Natural Healing practices and tools for Self-Healing, Meditation, or to start your own Healer’s Journey.

Welcome to your Golden Life!

$127.00 – per session +tax ($ 2540 total package + tax*)

To Pay in Full, pay here:

To Pay half, pay here:


Sessions must be prepaid. You may make half  or full payment above. For quarterly payment options, please contact me here, or by phone.

Payments are also accepted via your PayPal account to: [email protected].

THIS PACKAGE ONLY: All sessions must be redeemed within ONE YEAR. May be transferrable in rare cases, by permission only).



See Our Policies* below

3o Minute Booster Healing Session 

With permission only, 30 minutes  by Phone, Zoom, or via Silent Distance Healing followed by emailed recommendations or notes.

This session is offered if you require a shorter session or extended care after an initial package session. All sessions include an intuitive reading of body systems to order to guide Prayer Treatment and Energy Healing.


See Our Policies* below

Mentoring Package for Healers, Care Givers, & Light Workers

COMING SOON…..  Available fall 2021.

Contact Dr. Jeannie Arunimā for information at US 505-270-4849

Gift Certificates Available!

Gift Certificate image with swans in pink sunrise over lake

Give the Gift of Energy Healing for Well-Being & Inner Peace.

Looking for a new and different gift idea?

Golden Life Healing Sessions make a beautiful gift for graduation, birthdays, anniversaries, rites-of-passage, and celebrations of all kinds.

Consider treating a loved one, business partner, or colleague to a Golden Life Healing Session!

It’s a Win-Win Gift Certificate for Wellness.

See more about our Gift Certificates here.

Contact Me to Purchase Your Gift Certificates Today!


*Individual Sessions may be purchased at time of session. Packages must be prepaid and completed within 3 months of first session, or may result in loss of any unused portion of package.

Installment options available. Payments accepted via PayPal.

Gift Certificates may be used only for Introductory or Single sessions, and must be used within 6 months of purchase or become void. Gift Certificates are transferrable.

Refer a Friend and accept the gift of 25% toward your own Session when the friend purchases a session or package at regular rates.

*Local gross receipts tax, currently 7.8750%, will be added to all purchases.

Golden Life Healing reserves the right to cancel and refund unused portion of any packages.