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Dr. Jeannie Arunimā, Healer, Mentor & Meditation Guide

Welcome to a safe harbor of love, healing, and transformation! Golden Life Healing helps adult clients create vibrant health & energetic well-being for a joyful life!

Home of the Happy Human Journey & Happy Healer Mentorship programs!

Welcome! Namasté!

💛 Renewal Sessions 💛

Renew! Revitalize! Refresh!

Welcome the New Year with Light!

A Renewal Session is the perfect way to shine the light of revitalization, well-being, and health into your New Year!

Bring your inner intentions, hopes, and resolutions to the safety of the virtual treatment table as you dive deep into restorative energy healing.

Bathe your soul-self in revitalizing Natural Energy Therapy, guided relaxation, and sacred meditative healing.

Personalized intuitive pulse reading will offer guidance for your health and well-being in the year to come.

Refresh and Renew with Golden Life Healing!

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💛 Scheduling Now for 2021💛

Currently, all sessions 50% off to support global healing.

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