Golden Life Healing 

Natural Life Energy Therapy

♥ Body ♥ Mind ♥ Heart ♥ Spirit ♥

Golden Life Healing offers Natural Life Therapy along with Guided Self Care, to create a distincitve and restorative healing experience in an atmosphere of  unconditional love.

Therapeutic modalities are based on natural healing methods derived from ancient practices of energy healing, prayer treatment, yogic and traditional Oriental and Asian healing.

Natural Life Therapy is offered in a prayerful manner while held in a sacred space to promote healing and deep well-being of the whole individual.

Individualized Self-healing guidance is offered, based on  intuitive reading of the body’s energetic systems for sustained health and well-being.

Natural Life Therapy

In person, by phone, or online video sessions offer natural therapy for restoration, healing and support.



Energy Balancing Modalities

Rice Seed Polarity Therapy 

Golden Life Energy Healing

Kototama Sound & Prayer Treatment

Sacred Stones & Crystal Healing

Guided Meditation & Breath Affirmation

Sacred Inner Dialogue 


Self-Healing Guidance

Intuitive readings and reflective dialogue help target support for clients in developing strategies to support and maintain personal healing & well-being.

Targeted Areas for Self-Healing

6 Elements Diet & Lifestyle Coaching

Self-Care Empowerment Practices

Meditation for Healing & Spiritual Growth

Intention & Affirmation Practice

Mindfulness Strategies for Personal Well-Being