Golden Life Healing Services

Natural Life Energy Therapy

♥ Body ♥ Mind ♥ Heart ♥ Spirit ♥

Natural Life Energy Therapy is a combination and sythesis of healing modalities and self-care support which are seamlessly blended together to offer you the highest level of support in your healing process.

Natural Life Therapy

In person, by phone, or online video sessions offer natural therapy for restoration, healing and support.

 In person sessions are temporarily suspended.


Energy Balancing Modalities

Natural Rice Seed Therapy 

Kototama Prayer Treatment

Golden Light Energy Bathing

Sacred Stones & Crystal Therapy

Breath Practice & Guided Meditation

Sacred Inner Dialogue 


Self-Healing Guidance

Intuitive readings and reflective dialogue help target support for clients in developing strategies to support and maintain personal healing & well-being.

Supportive Guidance

5 Elements Diet & Lifestyle

Self-Care Empowerment

Meditation for Soul Healing

Intention & Affirmation Work

Mindfulness for Well-Being