Wellbeing Coaching

Dr. Jeannie Arunima

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  Sometimes we just need a little lift . . .

particularly if we are caring for others – personally or professionally, or BOTH!

Self-care is the most neglected aspect of wellbeing, especially for women.

When we give ourselves permission to truly care for ourselves, wellbeing renews.

Isn’t it your turn now?

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Experience the Power of  Self-Care!

Heart-Centered Coaching for Wellbeing includes:

Self-Love/Self-Care Practices

Cultivating Positive Self-Talk 

Guided Vision Journeys

Oracles & Cards Practices

Crystal Self-Healing

Meditation for Soul Restoration

Affirmation & Journaling Practice

Intention Setting to Move Foward


Dr. Jeannie Arunima

Hi. I’m Dr. Jeannie Arunima. In my 44 years of practice as a healer, teacher, coach, and mentor, I have come to understand that what it all comes down to is knowing our innermost selves. Loving ourselves unconditionally. Giving ourselves the respect and care we deserve to enable ourselves to truly live the life we love.

I have been blessed with extraordinary training in rare, ancient methods of healing and deep inner work for wellbeing. I would love to share these with you, so that YOU can empower your own life, desires, and highest intentions. Let us create a sacred space together, and bring forth your highest wellbeing.


Kind Words from Dear Clients

 Dr. Jeannie is one of the most talented, genuine and generous people I’ve ever met. After just one session with her, I felt a change in my energy, and working with her has helped me step more fully into my purpose. 

 I am so grateful to have found Dr Jeannie.  She is inspiring, uplifting, and truly gives such heart-centred support.  Her happiness and gratitude are infectious. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve your health, energy, and to feel more fully connected to yourself.

Sandra Chuma Mentor, Speaker, Host of the Worthy Podcast, and I Am Worthy app.

Harare, Republic of Zimbabwe Africa

“I reached out to Jeannie for energy work when I was going through a big transitional time in my life. Instantly there was an energetic connection and I knew that she would be able to help me release some of the blocks I was carrying around with me.

Within the first few minutes, she was able to tap directly into me and I was able to visualize with such clarity as she walked me through releasing the cage that I put myself into. I went from sitting in my emotions and allowing them to dictate how I showed up, to allowing myself to feel them and still soar above it all.”

Nyachia Knight, Vision Coach, Destination Wedding & Event Planner

Nice, Côte d’Azur, France