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Relieve Stress & Soothe Pain

Guided Relaxation from Golden Life Audios

Welcome to Relief!

Here’s the easiest stress relief you may ever do. You just relax!

Harvard medical researchers have proven the power of the relaxation response to healing stress, pain, and preventing disease? 

Our busy lives don’t make it easy. There seems to always be something else to do first, and we put our own needs off. Does that sound like you?

Listen, dear Reader, it isn’t your fault. But don’t you think it’s finally time to put your own health and wellbeing first? Now you can, effortlessly!



Audio Journeys are so easy and enjoyable! You will have more energy just from listening!

Audio Journeys are quick! You will become more efficient when you practice deep relaxation, you’ll actually have more productive time!

But don’t take my word for it. This audio is priced low intentionally, so YOU will try it. Just for the one time price of a foamy latte, you can get a deeply restorative Audio Journey that will last you a lifetime. 

Take the Journey. You’ll be so glad you did!


Take my client Marie.  As a mom and successful entrepreneur, she was exhausted all the time, and could barely keep from falling asleep at her computer.

After thinking about it for weeks, Marie finally began using Golden Life Audio Journeys when she was exhausted or hurting, and to her great surprise, her energy began to return in leaps and bounds!

Now Marie harnesses the power of deep relaxation in Golden Life Audio Journeys every day to fuel herself with wellbeing, joy, and success. Renewed, she has energy to enjoy her kids and her work.

You too can join thousands of other women and men just like you who have found the truly magical restoration and massive healing benefits that regular, deep relaxation can bring. Are you ready?

Cover to mini guide ebook called Deeply Relax, the 5 step mini guide to help you access the wellspring of healing within! By Dr. Jeannie Arunima


As a BONUS, when you order your  Audio Journey, I’ll send you my eGuide “Deeply Relax” absolutely FREE!

It shows you the Harvard research and reminds you of tips you may already know but have forgotten on how to help yourself attain this truly healing state of deep relaxation in no time at all.

 Golden Life Audio Journeys make DEEP RELAXATION EASY!

Get your Audio Journey,  get comfy, and just LISTEN. Most days is good, but daily is great. Morning, after lunch or work, or before sleep … if you are like most listeners, you will begin to feel the effects right away.

As you listen over time, you get into deeper and deeper relaxation. It just gets better and better! You may even want to explore a new Audio Journey monthly and create an enriching, Audio Library of all your favorites.

So what are you waiting for? Your purchase has a 30 day-Money-Back-GUARANTEE! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Audio Journeys are not meant to be a substitue for medical treatment. Use in conjunction with medical care, and never while driving or operating machinery. Please seek medical advice, especially if pain or stress persists.

    The more you listen the deeper your relaxation responds to sooth your nervous system and create a happier, healthier, more vibrant you.

You deserve this.

Treat Yourself. Peace & Wellbeing Await You.