Love My Mind

[18:51 minutes]

Often people find themself berating themselves in their minds. Old critical voices or negative, unloving self-talk can unfortunately become the norm when things are not going well or you are trying to meet too many expectations or unreasonable schedules. When we offer love and appreciation to our own minds, we are, in fact, offering love to our own selves. For who is the one inside that feels….. “I Am?”  This sense of “I Am” is the key to finding the source of our own minds.

In this way, we can direct positive feelings and words of gratitude and appreciation within, and uplift the state of our own minds, our own being. We all thrive from self-love and self-compassion, and this in turn, touches and uplifts the world around us.

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By offering real Love to your own mind, you will turn around feelings of struggle, frustration, self-criticism and other limiting emotions. By bathing your mind in peaceful feelings of love and support, you will immensely brighten your outlook and empower one of the very greatest gifts you have been given in your entire life…. The gift of your very own, beloved mind.

The mind is said to be a drop of divine, universal consciousness and potentially the greatest friend and ally that you may ever have….. IF you know how to treat it with love. This Audio Journey will take you there, simply and easily, with no effort at all. Get ready to experience the Universal Healing Power within… the power of your own, great Love.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Find a space and time where you can be quiet, comfortable and undisturbed. Headphones or earbuds are recommended, but not required. Enjoy your audio journey daily, and add it to your library of self-healing tools to return to again and again to create your health and highest well-being. Namasté!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not listen to Golden Life Audio Journeys while driving or operating machinery. These audio journeys are intended to promote your own, natural self-healing process while resting or relaxing deeply with your eyes closed.

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“As we heal ourselves, we heal our world.”


-Dr. Jeannie Arunima

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