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Golden Life Healing

Dr. Jeannie Arunima

Thank you for taking the time to visit and see what my amazing clients from around the world have said. I appreciate your consideration!

Reiki Healer Kim Piechowski
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Working with Jeannie has literally changed my life. I was having debilitating health issues no western doctors could help me with. Some holistic doctors made attempts to help me but no one understood.

Jeannie made sense of my symptoms and with all her talent and healing knowledge explained exactly what was going on in my body and why. Not only could she fill in the gaps of what had been a mystery for over a year she is a healer who brought me into such a deep healing relaxation beyond anything I have experienced. 

On top of her knowledge and healing abilities Jeannie has such kind loving energy I feel completely nurtured in her care. 

 If you’re struggling with any physical, emotional or spiritual  issue Jeannie has the tools and is a brilliant light of a healer.

-Kim Piechowski, Reiki Master and Intuitive Counselor, Founder @ Earth Wisdom Healing

San Francisco, California USA

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Mentor Sandra Chuma

Dr. Jeannie is one of the most talented, genuine and generous people I’ve ever met. After just one session with her, I felt a change in my energy, and working with her has helped me step more fully into my purpose. 

Dr. Jeannie’s guidance and energy work uses many therapeutic modalities, which she teaches in such a pragmatic and practical way.  Her healing sessions leave you feeling like you’ve learned something about yourself, and inspired to move closer to the best version of yourself.  Her meditation audios are truly outstanding, and it’s very obvious that she puts so much love and attention into each one. 

 I am so grateful to have found Dr Jeannie.  She is inspiring, uplifting, and truly gives such heart-centred support.  Her happiness and gratitude is infectious.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve your health, energy, and to feel more fully connected to yourself. 

 –Sandra Chuma, World Class Mentor, Transformational & Habits Coach, Worthy, with Sandra Chuma Podcast

David Wurzel composer musician from Prague

Jeannie, thank you so much, very welcoming and soothing energy!

So many people think they are fit to heal with their voice but this is an entirely different thing. Your voice is like silk. You have a perfect healing voice!

If I’d compare it to a similarly effective male voice, I’d have to say Don Miguel Ruíz. Oh god I feel great after the golden light, it’s a very good method you have there! I’m so glad to be starting working with you.

-David Wurczel, Composer & Musician

Prague, Czech Republic

Nicole Konig CEO Ecoquent

A wholehearted thank you and Namasté to Dr. Jeannie. She’s my go-to for stress relief and to reground, reflect, reconnect with my core beliefs.

I almost want to keep her all to myself but in the spirit of community: If you’re overstretched and need help caring for yourself so your light can shine on others, if you seek guidance releasing chronic stress and its physical side effects, you need Jeannie in your life.

-Nicole König, Business Abundance Coach, Founder of Ecoquent, German Translator & Environmental Copywriter

Erlenbach bei Dahn, Germany

Golden Life Healing gold logo of 2 swans facing in lotus
Nicole Konig CEO Ecoquent

“Many thanks to you Jeannie, for your kindness, encouragement and sensitivity. 

The energy treatments (both in person in your office and by remote due to the pandemic) were powerful on every level.  They were effective around pain control post-surgically and helped my recovery tremendously. 

Your insight into the mind, body and emotions, and care for my whole person was something I will always value.”

Annie Gant, Licensed Esthetician, Reiki Healer & Teacher

 Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

Rose Pechal Robbins Community Leader Portales, NM

Jeannie is a kind hearted and gifted healer.  She is an expert and knowledgeable in alternative healing therapy and guided meditation. I was awestruck by the intuitive questions she asked and what she told me about myself, she totally got me.

I got more than I was looking for with her following up and guidance on how to incorporate healing practices into my daily life.  She helped me release tensions and guilt that I have been holding in my thoughts as well as my body. 

After referring friends to Jeannie for help, they were just as awestruck as I was and we all have been back for follow up sessions. You will not be disappointed.

-Rose Pechal Robbins, Community Leader

Portales, New Mexico USA

More Client Comments

“So happy you are returning to a healing practice – though just being around you is healing.” E.L.


“Nonjudgmental attitude toward other people.” C.R.


“Listening – taking the time to listen and understand others.” E.M.


“You have always cared about others and will go the extra mile to help when someone is in need.” M.L.


“This new career sounds PERFECT for you and for the people you will help!” S.D.


“I believe, you are a natural born healer, Jeannie. Your clients, will be in great hands.” E.Z.