(Frequently Asked  Questions)


Can I do Sessions virtually?

YES! The beauty of Golden Life Healing is that you can experience healing or mentoring sessions from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. I can accommodate most time zones, and have worked with clients in Canada, US, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, India, Singapore and Australia. I can also work with you energetically, and communicate through email, WhatsApp, Zoom or Voxer.



What can Golden Life Sessions help me with?

My Sessions not only effectively increase your energy and wellbeing, they address the “root” to help heal the entire system…on physical, mental, emotion, or even spiritual levels. I have been given the extraordinary gift of reading the body’s energy patterns, and this is priceless in navigating a sea of different viewpoints from western to alternative medicines. It will empower your understanding of your own nature.

My clients routinely report additional results of better sleep, more energy, greater clarity, inner peace, and deep well-being as they get in touch with their own inner healing capacity and self-love. See testimonials here.


What if I'm not sick, but I just want more energy, wellbeing and happiness in my life?

Perfect! Golden Life Healing is especially great for you! Energy healing sessions not only restore your vitality, but help maintain energetic balance so you feel great. During our sessions I will teach you personalized tools and guidance to support your own self-healing work long after we complete our journey together! Ask me about packages to work together.



I want to learn to be a healer! Can you help?

Yes! It would be my pleasure! In my 44 years of working as a healer, mentor, and educator I understand what is needed to become a successful healer. My experience can greatly help you to navigate many of the common pitfalls experienced by new healers, so you maintain your own personal health and energy as you work with others.

Many of my clients have been spiritual beings, empaths, healers, medical providers, coaches, mothers… those who work closely for the care of others. I help clients learn to guard & preserve their energy & energetic boundaries to maintain physical-emotional- mental wellbeing.

You will see that working with me will empower you with life long tools for personal healing and energetic well-being. And, they’re fun!



Can you help me learn to meditate or do mindfulness practice to de-stress?

Of course! This is one of my favorite self-healing practices of all! When I mentored teachers, I led a course in Mindfulness to help both teachers and students learn simple, effective practices to become present and at peace within their own bodies, minds, and environment… no matter what was happening.

Years later, clients and teachers still share their successes in implementing mindfulness practices with themselves and their own clients or students  to increase peace and happiness in life at school, work, and home. Ask me about leading a group session for your special group, team, or employees.



Would you be a guest for my podcast, membership, or team?

I’d love to, if my schedule permits! Schedule a call with me to discuss your particular needs. I have many self-healing topics that boost personal wellness as well as help create and support a loving, healthy and productive workplace environment. Contact Me Here. Let’s talk!