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Here you will find deeply relaxing, energy-infused relaxation audios to support your health and highest wellbeing. Listen to samples from our popular topics:

         -Healing & Self-Love

        -Relaxation & Inner Peace

         -Prosperity & Gratitude

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Find articles that inspire and support you to create your highest wellbeing, stress-relief, healing, and meditative practices to restore your energy and help you live the life that you love, and of course, LOVE the life that you live.

We can always work on our own wellbeing. As the old Tasmanian saying goes,

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot!”

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These soothing Mini’s  restore you with beautiful nature videography, healing infused music & guided relaxation to give you the maximum effect in the shortest time.  Enjoy!

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The Wellspring Within podcast supports you in creating your health and highest wellbeing to live the live you love.

The Wellspring Within 

This is the podcast dedicated to helping you create your good health and highest well-being so that you can truly live the life that you love and…. love the life that you live!

Dr. Jeannie Arunimā brings you love, light, and self-healing tips from modern to ancient teachings gathered in over 40 years of practice in fields of natural healing therapy, teaching, and ancient yogic wisdom.

This podcast was created to empower YOU to discover your own natural, healing power in the Wellspring Within.    Namastė! 🙏