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By bringing joy, energy, and enthusiasm to your prosperity and wealth consciousness you attract even more abundance into your lfe.
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 Journey to the end of the Rainbow…. inside you.

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Through the power of sound, it is possible to achieve a state of deep relaxation and healing for your optimal wellbeing.

Golden Life Audios help you to uncover the great love within your own self, even for you.

Embark and empower your journey of Self-Love. By truly coming to love our own selves, we are more able to share our great love with others.

Allow these audios to be a reminder that you are loved, and you’re worthy of all that your heart desires.

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Prosperity on the outside comes from prosperity on the inside.

Use these powerful tools of the mind and heart to welcome more prosperity and abundance into your life.

When you remember and cultivate gratitude and gladness for all you have, even your own breath, you naturally draw prosperity into your life.

      Special New Pricing: $27 (Save $54!)

Golden Life Audio Journeys teach and support you to practice self-healing for your health and highest wellbeing.


Inside each one of us there exists a natural healing power that we can draw from and support with our own intention, focus, and awareness.

By bringing your attention to this inner wellspring of healing, you support the body, mind, heart, and spirit to more quickly and fully heal itself.

      Special New Pricing: $27 (Save $54!)

Empaths can learn simple tools for energetic boundaries to not be readily affected by others.

Many are born with an unusual sensitivity or empathic nature. This can make it difficult to handle the energy and pace of our modern world, working closely with others, or  even navigating astrological cycles.

Through awareness, guidance and practice we can learn to develop energetic boundaries that support us in creating a ‘bubble,’ a shield-like layer of protection that keeps us grounded, unruffled, and feeling safe.

      Special New Pricing: $27 (Save $54!)

Sweet Sleep Bundle from Golden Life Audio Journeys helps you to deeply relax, let go, and soothe the mind to drift easefully into a peaceful and restorative slumber.

In this soothing bundle, you will be guided through several proven strategies known to promote beneficial sleep. Rest well!

Also receive our complimentary ebook,  Deeply Relax- A 5 Step MiniGuide to Help You Access the Wellspring of Healing Within.  

      Special New Pricing: $27 (Save $54!)

Loss is a deep mixture of feelings that can result from changes in relationship, health, moving, job change or even death; Golden Life Audio Journeys help support and soothe these feelings of loss.

Loss is a natural part of life. It may be from death or a life change like a relationship, a move, a job change or other significant transition.

These audios will help to soothe and process feelings as you navigate your way home to your own great heart of peace within. Blessings to you! 

Soothing Loss Bundle is priced at $18– It may be shared with your loved ones at no extra cost. Simply forward the download.

(If purchasing for a dear one, simply put their email address in at check out and it will go right to them.)

New to Self-Healing & Guided Meditation?

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Deeply Relax BUNDLE: Give yourself the GIFT of deep relaxation in this beautiful audio meditation & companion eGuide offer ($39 value).

Cover to mini guide ebook called Deeply Relax, the 5 step mini guide to help you access the wellspring of healing within! By Dr. Jeannie Arunima
When we deeply relax we create a way for our bodies to heal.

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Self-Love may be the greatest healing power in the entire universe. Experience it for yourself.

I so love your meditations. I feel so at home in your audios. It’s countless times that I fell asleep with you in my ear. Your words really touch my heart. Ingrid Kleinbauer, Hypnotist   Sankt Pölten, Austria

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When we allow ourselves to merge into stillness, we are tranformed and healed from the Inner Wellspring.

“Jeannie, thank you so much, very welcoming and soothing energy! So many people think they are fit to heal with their voice but this is an entirely different thing. Your voice is like silk. You have a perfect healing voice!” David Wurczel, Composer  Prague, Czech Republic

“Thank you for this beautiful gift Jeannie!! Your voice is so soothing and like a balm to the soul. I loved listening to it and will do so again and again.”  Sylvia Otvos, Visibility & Business Coach     Verdun, Quebec CA

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Trust your inner sense, it always knows what you need.

Audio journeys bring you inner peace and joy!

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Golden Life Audio Journeys was created to support your health, vitality, & wellbeing. Here you can find healing meditation Audios from categories of Peace & Relaxation ,  Healing & Self-Love, and Prosperity & Gratitude. All audios are created with deep love and care, infused with healing energy. You can read more about Golden Life Audio Journeys here.

We dontate a minimum of 10% of your purchase to global humanitarian relief efforts, including PRASAD, Feed the Children, Save the Children, & Unicef.

These healing meditations are lovingly offered to Gurumayi Chidvilasanda, whose loving grace and teachings nurtured and taught me how to turn within to experience the Divine Source and healing wellspring that exists inside every human being. //Jaya Sri Guru!//

Wishing You All Blessings & Love from Golden Life Healing, Albuquerque, New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment.             

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