#1 Self-Love Bundle

3 of the most beautiful Golden Life Audio Journey titles to guide you inside to experience the feeling and blessing of real self-love!

Prayerfully infused with divine healing energy and unconditional love, these audios will support you in growing your own, abiding self-love and lift your frequency higher and higher.


-Love My Mind

-Lift Me Up

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May you be well! May you be happy! May you love, honor, and respect yourself as a divine gift to this world!


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Love is the highest energy, the greatest force, and the most healing balm in this entire Universe. When you Love yourself truly, your entire being and world around you manifests incredible blessings!

The soothing energy and prayerful intentions create a lasting sense of well-being, inner peace, and self-love. It is well-known among spiritual seekers that cultivating self-love is the key to spiritual growth, prosperity, and a truly happy life. Allow the audios in this bundle to wash your spirit and immerse you in the glorious experience of divine self-love.

In this audio bundle you will explore and affirm your own, innate worthiness as human being born to this Earth to live, love, and thrive.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Find a space and time where you can be quiet, comfortable and undisturbed. Headphones or earbuds are recommended, but not required. Enjoy your audio journey daily, and add it to your library of self-healing tools to return to again and again to create your health and highest well-being. Namasté!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not listen to Golden Life Audio Journeys while driving or operating machinery. These audio journeys are intended to promote your own, natural self-healing process while resting or relaxing deeply with your eyes closed.


-Love My Mind

-Lift Me Up


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“As we heal ourselves, we heal our world.”


-Dr. Jeannie Arunima

Creator of Golden Life Audio Journeys