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Natural Life Therapy, Coaching, Mentoring

Ancient healing therapies for a modern world.

Boost your Health, Peace, & Wellbeing naturally!

Dr. Jeannie Arunima empowers clients around the world to create their vibrant health and highest wellbeing in a container of nurturing support via online healing, coaching, and mentoring sessions.

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Natural Life Therapy

Wellbeing Coaching

Energy Tools Mentoring

Empower Your Health Naturally

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Welcome to Golden Life Healing,  the online healing practice of Dr. Jeannie Arunima.

Heal and nurture your being with natural life healing methods, heart-centered coaching, and mentoring in nurturing, online or phone sessions.

It’s no coincidence you’re here!

Your Wellbeing Matters.

You Deserve to Feel Great

The peace and healing we seek can be found within our very own being. We just need to access it.

Unlock the inner wellspring of healing and experience natural therapies and self-care targeted specifically for your own needs.

Isn’t it time to take care of YOU? 

Bamboo water spout as image of peace.

Empower Yourself Naturally

Meditating on the golden source of our being is the greatest of self-healing practices.<br />

Energy Healing Tools for Your Health & Wellbeing 

Experience natural “energy tools” that have been handed down through the ages, such as energy healing, Kototama Life Therapy, meditation techniques, Crystal Healing and inner practices for the mind to enhance your own, natural healing capacity.

Not only will you experience these simple, safe, and natural therapies in therapy, but you can easily learn to use them for your own continued healing and wellbeing, and empower yourself for a lifetime.

Kind Words from Lovely Clients

She has been such an impactful person in my life. There is no doing when I work with Jeannie. I feel completely re-newed and restored!

Beth Basham MS, RD, LD
Food Freedom Coach/Dietitian  |  Colorado, USA

“Jeannie allowed me a space to be vulnerable, open and have insights about how I can connect to myself, but also to my higher self.”

                      Nyachia Knight                      Destination Wedding & Event Planner, Vision Coach |  Nice, Côte d’Azur, France

Jeannie is just such a beatiful human and healer. I love how she gave me tangible things to do and how to nurture my well-being!

Christina Samuelson
Transformational Portraits | Montana, USA


(Frequently Asked  Questions)

“Jeannie is a kind hearted and gifted healer.

I was awestruck by the intuitive questions she asked and what she told me about myself.  She totally got me.

I got more than I was looking for with her follow up and guidance on incorporating healing practices into my daily life.

You will not be disappointed.”

Rose Pechal Robbins,
Award Winning Community Leader 

Portales, New Mexico USA