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Isn’t it finally time to take care of . . . You?

Increase your health, vitality and wellbeing the Golden Life way.

When you experience my unique & powerful  Golden Life Healing System, you will do just that, and you’ll learn how for yourself. 

But don’t take my word for it, see what my lovely clients have to say about it here.

If you are tired, stressed or have ongoing health concerns…. Golden Life Healing System offers many way to help.

From virtual healing sessions to self-healing tools, mentoring to meditation, your wellbeing is our mission and priority.

It’s no mistake that you landed here. You’re invited to explore our simple, natural therapies and energetic self-healing tools, based in ancient wisdom for a modern world.

Dr. Jeannie Arunimā helps clients around the world through natural healing or mentoring sessions for health and energetic wellbeing.  You can find out more here.

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The three, unique pillars of the Golden Life Healing System will help you restore your health, vitality, and wellbeing and empower you with self-healing tools to live the golden and deeply fulfilling life you deserve.

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The Golden Life Healing System

When was the last time you put yourself first? In our fast-paced, achievement-oriented society, it can be easy to focus all of your energy on doing for others while sadly neglecting your own equally important needs for health and well-being.

So many fall into this trap without even realizing it, only to find themselves tired and burnt out with no reserves left to meet the demands of daily life. However, in order to be truly effective in both work and relationships, it is absolutely essential that YOU take care of YOU… first!

By prioritizing your own health and wellbeing you will also have the energy, vitality, and enthusiasm needed to live the life of your desires… your Golden Life. This is what the Golden Life Healing System is all about.

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She has been such an impactful person in my life. There is not doing when I work with Jeannie. I feel completely re-newed and restored!

Beth Basham MS, RD, LD
Food Freedom Coach/Dietitian

Jeannie is just such a beatiful human and healer. I love how she gave me tangible things to do and how to nurture my well-being!

Christina Samuelson
Transformational Portraits

“Jeannie is a kind hearted and gifted healer.

I was awestruck by the intuitive questions she asked and what she told me about myself.  She totally got me.

I got more than I was looking for with her follow up and guidance on incorporating healing practices into my daily life.

You will not be disappointed.”

Rose Pechal Robbins,
Award Winning Community Leader 

Portales, New Mexico USA


Welcome. Namasté!

There is no greater gift than being able to live from optimal health, vitality and your greatest well-being. I’ve spent years studying the human body, mind, and energetic systems.

Golden Life Healing is the culmination of my lifetime study of methods for achieving maximum health and enjoyment in life. And  now, I’m offering this exclusive healing system to select clients, just like you, all around the world.

My intention is to provide a safe harbor of love and healing for my clients, guiding them on their spiritual paths to vibrant health, happiness, peace, and abundance.

Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain or fatigue, struggling with mental/emotional stress or just looking for ways to increase your overall energy levels and well-being in order to increase your joy and happiness in life, Golden Life Healing is here to support you.

With my extensive knowledge of alternative medicine, mindfulness practice, guided meditation and life coaching tools I can help you find your joy and make each day a journey filled with beauty, meaning, self-healing and self-love.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!  Have questions? I’m here!

What to Expect

Clients report a range of lasting benefits!

-improved energy & mental clarity

-mental & emotional stress relief

-renewed vitality, energy, & purpose

-greater well-being, joy, & lightness

-relief of physical symptoms & pain

-more restful sleep & relaxation

-feeling supported in times of need

-sense of balance & being grounded

Healing & Mentoring


Turn Your Good Intentions Toward Yourself!

  • Develop Self-Care and Self-Love
  • Embrace Your Intuition & Inner Gifts
  • Learn Ancient Healing Wisdom
  • Nurture & Protect Your Personal Energy
  • Learn and Practice Tools for Energetic Wellbeing.

Empower your being! Choose You!

photo of dr. jeannie arunima golden life healing and audio journeys

Natural Healing Therapies


  •  Kototama Natural Life Therapy
  • Sacred Energy Healing
  • Inoli Prayer Treatment
  • Rice Seed Polarity Therapy™
  • Earth Stones & Crystal Healing
  • Guided Healing Meditation

You’re in good hands with Dr. Jeannie Arunima.

Read about her 42 years of practice in healing, teaching & meditation.



Can I do Sessions virtually?

YES! The beauty of of Golden Life Healing is that you can experience healing or mentoring sessions from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. I can accomodate most time zones, and have worked with clients in North America, Europe, India, Singapore and Austraila.

Since we meet through the great wonder of Zoom, by phone, or as a recorded healing audio created especially for you,  time and distance are usually never a problem.


What can Golden Life Healing Sessions help me with?

Healing Sessions not only increase your energy and well-being, they address the “root”, or causative factor, to help heal the entire system…on physical, mental, emotion, or even spiritual levels.

Clients experience relief from many different problems, such as of physical pain, mental stress and anxiety, as well as deep emotional release and spiritual renewal. Since we are energy beings, balancing our energies through the ancient techniques of energy healing and  Japanese therapy creates healing naturally!

Clients report side effects of better sleep, more energy, greater clarity, inner peace, and deep well-being as they get in touch with their own inner self-healing and self-love.


What if I'm not sick, but I just want more energy or well-being and happiness?

Golden Life Healing is for you! Energy heaing sessions not only restore your vitality, but help maintain energetic balance so you feel great. During our sessions I will teach you personalized tools and guidance to support your own self-healing work long after we complete our journey together!

I have a special “Happy Human Mentoring” package of 7 sessions that will teach you, step by step, how to increase your own energetic balance and well-being through simple, natural energetic tools and practices that you can add to your self-healing “tool box” to use for years to come.



I want to learn to be a healer! Can you help?

Yes! In my 42 years of working as a healer, mentor, and educator I understand what is needed to become a successful healer. My experience can greatly help you to navigate many of the common pitfalls experienced by new healers, so you maintain your own personal health and energy as you work with others.

Many of my clients are healers, medical providers, coaches, mothers… those who work closely for the care of others. I teach clients how to guard and preserve their energy and energetic boundaries to maintain their physical and mental well-being.

Even if you want to bring healing to yourself and loved ones, and not a professional practice, you will see that working with me will empower you with life long tools for personal healing and energetic well-being. And, they’re fun!



Can you help me learn to meditate or do mindfulness practice to de-stress?

Of course! This is one of my favorite self-healing practices of all! When I mentored teachers, I led a course in Mindfulness to help both teachers and students learn simple, effective practices to become present and at peace within their own bodies, minds, and environment… no matter what was happening. Years later, I still meet teachers who share their successes in implementing mindfulness practices to increase their peace and happiness in life. Ask me about leading a group session for your special group, team, or employees.



Would you be a guest or guest teacher for my podcast, membership, or team?

I’d love to! Schedule a call with me to discuss your particular needs. I have many self-healing topics that boost personal wellness as well as help create and support a loving, healthy and productive workplace environment. Past topics include: Natural Tools to Increase Your Energy; Stress Relief at Home or Work; How to Actually Self-Love; Honoring the Self-Healer Within; Computer Worker’s Relief Tools; and more. Let’s talk!


See What Others Are Saying!

Words of wisdom from incredible human beings around the world.

I loved working with Jeannie! I was having some concerns with my physical and emotional issues. She helped me nourish my well-being!

Angela Noelle Martin, MAOM, LicAc
Angela Noelle International, LLC

My experience with Jeannie was soothing to my soul. There is just this magic from her and she has so much expertise! She is power!

Diana Ceccone
Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach