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Welcome to a safe harbor of love and healing! I'm Dr. Jeannie Arunimā, and I helps clients around the world create vibrant health & energetic well-being through my online healing practice and guided meditation audios. Are you ready to create your highest Well-Being?


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Transformational, guided healing meditation for your good health and highest well-being!


Welcome! Namasté!

Are you looking for an easy way to reduce stress in your life?

Are you wanting to bring more energy, peace, and well-being into your life?

Do you want to experience greater self-healing, self-love, and inner connection?

If you’re someone who wants to take CHARGE of their health and well-being, Golden Life Healing will EMPOWER you, and here’s how.

You will expereince deep, transformational healing based on ancient teachings  from the traditions of Oriental medicine and esoteric wisdom of yogic meditation.

Dr. Jeannie Arunima brings 40 years’s experience in natural therapies and teaching to balance energy systems in the body and promote natural healing. As a medical inuitive, her self-care recommendations can improve your healing rate exponentially. 



Golden Life Healing

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Sessions are Restful & Restorative

Clients are saying they experience….

-improved energy and mental clarity

-relief of pain 

-calming of anxiety and stress

-physical symptoms have resolved

-feelings of deep well-being, joy, and lightness

-more restful sleep & deep relaxation

-feeling supported in times of need

– deeper inner peace and uplifted spirit

-empowered, even wanting to live life again!

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Golden Life Healing Sessions are offered by Phone or Video Conferencing, or in person through an application interview or trusted referral.  You do not have to be physically present to receive this healing therapy.

♥ Body ♥ Mind ♥ Heart ♥ Spirit ♥

Natural Healing Therapies


Relaxing, restorative sessions (in person or distance) may include one or all modalities:

Kototama Life Therapy & Energy Healing

Inoli Prayer Treatment

Rice Seed Polarity Therapy (TM)

Earth Stones & Crystal Healing

Guided Healing Meditation

Sacred Inner Dialogue


PLEASE NOTE:   Golden Life healing is a natural  alternative care healing modality operating under NM HB 664, “Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act.”  This practice is a complementary therapy that enhances allopathic, and alternative health care modalities. Please seek medical diagnostics and care for any condition you are uncertain of. Blessings to you! 

Hello and Namasté!  I’m Dr. Jeannie Arunimā, founder of Golden Life Healing. I’m so glad you found my site! Welcome! 

Golden Life Healing offers safe,  natural life healing therapies rooted in a rare, Japanese healing therapy, and ancient yogic wisdom and meditation. Balancing the energetic systems in the body brings about natural and gentle healing. You can read more about these natural therapies here.

Golden Life Healing honors ALL beings of all beliefs, ages, genders, and self-identification within our global humanity. Pets are welcome too! 

You are most welcome contact me, or schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTAION for any questions you may have! 

All Blessings and Love to you! 

        Dr. Jeannie  Arunimā  💗    

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What is Energy Healing all about?

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Read a bit about it here!

CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS. Golden Life Healing offers 10% of profits in monthly, charitable donations to these respected and benevolent humanitarian relief organizations with the intention to end suffering and create an equitable world of abundance for all beings.  Please consider these organizations for your charitable gifts:  The PRASAD Project, Unicef, Pencils of Promise, the SYDA Foundation, and Feed the Children.  Additional domestic disaster relief contributions are offered to the American Red Cross.


*Individual Sessions may be purchased at time of session. Packages must be prepaid and completed within 3 months of first session, or may result in loss of any unused portion of package.

Installment options available. Payments accepted via PayPal.

Gift Certificates may be used only for Introductory or Single sessions, and must be used within 6 months of purchase or become void. Gift Certificates are transferrable.

Refer a Friend and accept the gift of 25% toward your own Session when the friend purchases a session or package at regular rates.

Golden Life Healing reserves the right to cancel and refund unused portion of any packages.