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Here you will find writings on topics in self-care to inspire you, drawing from the perspective of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Energy Healing, Mindfulness, and Meditation. From anecdotes, to reflections and stories of the human condition, these posts offer hope and healing inspiration to serve you on your journey. Broad topics cover insights into working with mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

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Healing requires deep acceptance and willingness to heal from every level- body, mind, heart, and especially spirit.
Allowing for healthy hunger can heal the stomach and provide tasty results.
Gratitude for simple things brings enjoyment and joy.
drop of water rippling out on a lake surface
You’ve enjoyed the winter season with the crisp, clean air it brings. Or maybe, it's recently been summer, and you've
Springtime blossoms in New Mexico, reassuring us despite the onset of the world-wide pandemic.