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Honor the Stomach, Taste the Divine

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Healthy hunger is key to delicious taste and revitalized energy.

The guacamole exploded in my mouth, with flavor so unexpectedly exquisite, my eyes rolled shut to savor it’s delectable palate. The creamy comfort of a perfectly ripe avocado. A hint of tomato’s sweetness. The savory warmth, and spicy tang of green chili, garlic, and lime. And, the palpable satisfaction from the just-right amount of sea salt. Ah! Wow!

I marveled. What caused this rare moment of salivary delight? I reflected.

Hunger. Honest, healthy hunger of the stomach. Indeed, in the recent months I’d been working on increasing my stomach chi and vitality in order to increase my depleted energy. Day in and day out, for months searching for the just-right diet to satisfy the mind, body, and season. I “knew” so much, but what was I missing?For the past few months I’d wrestled with competing interests of a wanna-be

vegetarian’s energy needs and weight loss promises from the meat-heavy, Paleo perspective. I was so caught up in meat vs. no-meat, that I lost sight of my stomach’s whispers, and fed it what I thought was best, including the “right” animal-based protein and gluten free, whole grains. Even so, it (and I) became sluggish, dull, tired.

In springtime, my stomach had been whispering, “Plants! Plant food! Plants! Eat gentle plants! You don’t need grains and so much meat!”  But my stubborn mental stance thought otherwise, citing research for whole grains, lean meats, moderate dairy.

I’d forgotten to tune in to the divine knowing, the natural desire of the stomach!

My diet had been “perfect,” according to what is “known,” however, my stomach was too tired to digest it. Without even realizing it, I’d lost my sense of real sense of hunger and apatite, along with that exquisite explosion of ecstatic tastiness when the stomach truly welcomes and relishes the right foods!

Finally, in an epiphany of surrender to trying anything, I changed my mind and gave up the knowledge-only based diet. I gave my stomach a literal break. I let go of grains and meat proportions I’d faithfully eaten over the winter. I began listening to the whisperings of the stomach, and began eating mostly plants. Bowls of gently cooked veggies. The right fats, fibers, and protein portions for my body at the time. It only took a few da


After less that a week of this new plant-mostly eating, life changed. Because I started listening to the whispering wisdom of my own body, my energy “mysteriously” started rising.

 I awoke earlier each day, full of life, and ready to go!

 One particular night, I popped an entire head of cauliflower into my Instant Pot, and soon sat down for dinner- no grains, only a very small portion of perfectly steamed chicken, and a major bowl full of veggies topped with a drizzle of olive oil, nutritional yeast, and sea salt. And, yes, added a fresh spoonful of New Mexican guacamole to top the chicken.

 My stomach was literally growling, in a rumbly, Winnie-the-Pooh-happy kind of way, that I’d not felt in recent memory. Then it happened. The guacamole exploded in my mouth, with flavor so unexpectedly exquisite, my eyes rolled shut to savor it’s delectable palate. Ah. A taste of the divine!

 Are we listening to the wisdom of our own bodies, even though it may only be a whisper? Or just the shouting of our minds?

 And here’s “food for thought” (heh heh, sorry, couldn’t resist!)- Just as a healthy stomach hunger opens our ability to relish exquisite flavors, so too the hunger of our soul creates an opening for us to taste the ecstasy of Divine Love. Does this ring true for you?

 All Blessings & Love,

 Jeannie Arunimā  ♡

 P.S. If you or a loved one struggles with chronic digestive problems, please consider an intuitive reading with Energy Therapy or Wellness Coaching to address the underlying causes and add more self-help strategies to empower your healing! Please contact me for more information.







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