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Dr. Jeannie Arunima

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Welcome to my online practice dedicated to to empowering your health, wellbeing, and joy in life. Golden Life Healing  is is a combination of 3 highly supportive modalities: 1-Natural Life Healing Therapy, 2- Private Mentoring,  and 3- Self-empowerment practices, such as Golden Life Audio Journeys.

Natural Life Healing Therapy is a spiritually-based, energetic healing system grounded in ancient Asian healing practices which were revised in the light of the Kototama Principle, the ancient principle of Life,  by the world renowned Japanese healer, teacher and Aikido master, Dr. M. M. Nakazono, O-Sensei.

Experience for yourself these very powerful, yet gentle, energy healing therapies that promote your body’s own healing capacity to restore your health and wellbeing naturally.  Benefit also by learning many self-healing skills specific to your own needs to support your health and wellbeing for years to come.

Dr. Jeannie Arunima

Facing health issues can be stressful. Natural Life Therapy will empower your healing. Through its unique perspective you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your own situation and how you can best support your health and wellbeing.

My own personal healing journey, past experience as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and over four decades of experience in healing, teaching and mentoring combine to give you the benefit of a unique and powerful method to help you navigate your journey of health and wellbeing. 

My clients enjoy online sessions in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Sessions are relaxing & empowering.

You are welcome to read or watch what clients from around the world have said about my work here.

Energy healing restores your wellbeing, improves health, and supports healing at all levels.
Golden Life Healing Logo (gold)

Natural Life Healing Therapy includes many unique therapies which may be used alone or in combination, depending on your needs and desire.

Therapies and Healing Methods include:

Medical Intuitive Reading of Body Systems

Rice Seed Polarity Therapy & Dietary Support

Golden Life Energy Healing

Te a Te “spiritual handwork” (physical form offered in person only)

Kototama Sound Practice for Healing 

Inoli Prayer Treatment (distance healing)

Earth Stones & Crystal Healing

Guided Healing Meditation Journey

Soul Restoration Self-talk

Spiritual Guidance and Support

Relieve stress and cultivate inner comfort and peace like the view from a mountain top.

Empower yourself with targeted health strategies & healing knowledge to support your body’s systems and good health for a lifetime.

Ask me about mentoring if you are interested in learning more about natural healing for yourself or to enhance your work with others.

Self-Healing Strategies for Sustained Health

You can easily learn, simple methods to restore and maintain your health, such as:

Do-In (Japanese self-hand-work treatment)

Crystal & Energy Self-Healing Work

Meditation Practices for Healing Restoration

Sensorial Affirmation/Visualization 

Mindfulness Strategies (New or a Refresher!)

Therapies will be recommended based on the best methods suited to your individual situation, desires and needs.

Here are a few kind words from a few of my dear  clients.

Working with Jeannie has literally changed my life. I was having debilitating health issues no western doctors could help me with. Some holistic doctors made attempts to help me but no one understood.

Jeannie made sense of my symptoms and with all her talent and healing knowledge explained exactly what was going on in my body and why. Not only could she fill in the gaps of what had been a mystery for over a year she is a healer who brought me into such a deep healing relaxation beyond anything I have experienced. 

Jeannie has such kind loving energy I feel completely nurtured in her care. If you’re struggling with any physical, emotional or spiritual  issue Jeannie has the tools and is a brilliant light of a healer.

Kim Piechowski, Reiki Master & Intuitive Counselor | San Francisco, California USA

I loved working with Jeannie! I was having some concerns with my physical and emotional issues. She helped me nourish my well-being!

Angela Noelle Martin, MAOM, LicAc

My experience with Jeannie was soothing to my soul. There is just this magic from her and she has so much expertise! She is power!

-Diana Ceccone, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach