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Allergy Relief! My All-time, Favorite “Home Remedy”

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So, you’ve enjoyed the winter season with the crisp, clean air it brings. Or maybe, it’s recently been summer, and you’ve been feeling just great. With the long, warm days, you’ve been healthy and avoided any colds or flu.Your breath has been easy, and your head feels light as you’ve been going through your days. 

Out of nowhere, one morning is different. You awaken to find yourself with a heavy head. Foggy-brained, you make your way to the restroom, and notice dark circles under your eyes, and see they are red and puffy. Itchy too, you observe with annoyance.

As you make your way through this irritating fog, your brain kicks in and you start analyzing the problem. “Why do I feel so bad?” you ask yourself as you go through the list of possibilities. All you want is to clear your head so you can think!

Then the unwelcome realization hits you. Oh no! I remember this. It’s allergy season….. again!

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According to the Center for Disease Control, over 19 million adults were diagnosed with hay fever in the United States (2018).2 These are just the cases reported by medical doctors.

Estimates show as many as 10-30% of adults, and 40% of children, suffer from hay fever and seasonal allergies in the US today.3

If allergy season affect YOU, then read on for my All-time Favorite, #1Tip for allergy relief you can do at home. It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s often the most overlooked, simple solution to soothing those pesky, irritating, and sometimes even debilitating allergy symptoms. As you may have already guessed, yes, it’s water. Plain, ole H2O! Surprise!

“How in the world will water help my allergies?

If you asked this, I’m glad you did! There are three important, simple-to-accomplish ways that water, the blessed liquid of life, can offer relief to those annoying allergy symptoms. They work by reducing allergens.

floating spikey pollen particles close up





Artist rendition of close up pollen particles

“Tiny, spikey tumbleweeds.” That’s how my own allergy specialist described pollen to me. Yuck!

These little guys are designed to stick in order to fulfill their function of pollination.

They remind me of those irritating weeds that stick to your socks and are so hard to get out!

Just imagine them sticking all over your hair, eyelashes, pets, and clothes every time you go outside.

During pollen season, the air is thick with pollen. For allergy sufferers, this is a real problem. Fortunately, these three, easy-to-do, home remedies using just water can often provide amazing relief and comfort

Three Easy Tips to Soothe Allergy Symptoms…. with WATER!

1-Wash away allergens!

Make your bedroom an allergy-free zone. Create a simple habit before bedtime to keep your pillow and covers free of the dust and pollens that stick to you during the day. This provides relief so the body can reset, and take a break from these external allergens! Consider making your entire living space allergy free.

-Keep pollen-laden clothing away from other clothes and your bed! Change into fresh evening wear or PJs.

-Wash your face with a mild soap and rinse well. Baby shampoo is a non-stinging way to wash eyelashes.

-Wipe off your hair with a clean, damp washcloth. It helps! (Remember your pet, if it sleeps with you.

-Rinse out your eyes & nose, if allergies are bad. Simple saline is the best. (If you use a Neti pot, be very careful to use correctly, as the sinus cavity connects to the inner ear, which could be at risk for infection.4)

2- Stay hydrated!

-Drink plenty of water to help thin mucus secretions. This makes it easier for the respiratory system to expel allergens. Drink enough for your body type and needs, but don’t enthusiastically overload your system!

-Hydration is known to have a positive effect on histamine levels, and actually promotes allergy relief.

-Be sure your water is good quality. Purify city water to remove chlorine and particulates that can add to the detoxification work of the Liver System and contribute to allergy problems overall.

3- Humidify!!!

-This is my FAVORITE tip! The comfort of a simple humidifier in the bedroom can bring huge relief! I like the white noise, but the soothing water vapor not only softens dry nasal passages and dry eyes, the water droplets in the air actually knocks down those pesky pollens and dust particles, removing them from the air!

I’m always surprised that just walking into my humidified bedroom makes me so feel great!

-Be sure to change the filter and keep your humidifier clean. There are many options out there, but even the simplest evaporative model makes a huge difference, especially if you life in a dry climate, or have the heater going inside. In damp climates, don’t humidify. Instead, check air quality, and potential mold sources, and consider a bedroom air filter or ionizer.

By taking action during allergy season with these three, simple tips, you can use our most abundant resource, water, to bring comfort and relief from seasonal allergies. This may reduce your needs for medications, or even improve their effectiveness.

 Of course this is a first line of defense. Diet, heredity, and environment all play a part in allergy patterns. .Allergy symptoms are often similar to signs of cold virus or flu coming on. Watch for yellow, green, or red-tinged discharge from eyes, nose, or coughing, as these may indicate an infection which requires medical care.

PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL ADVISE if you experience shortness of breath or urgent or ongoing symptoms!

NOTE: If you suffer from chronic allergies, and are seeking further relief, please contact me for a free consultation to discuss how Natural Life Energy Therapy may be of help to you.

All Blessings and Love,

Jeannie Arunimā ♡


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