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The Rising of a New Age (Part 1)

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A Golden Opportunity for Humanity!

The ancients of many cultures foretold of the rising of a new age for humanity. Are we seeing the beginnings now?

During this extended, world-wide pandemic, we have all been forced to pivot on many levels. Entire industries, education, families, and friends have transformed the way we interact, turning to the worldwide web, the outdoors, social distancing, and curbside or delivery, we are pivoting our way of life like never before. Children now face an entirely different world that the one we grew up in.

We find ourselves needing to define what this new way of interaction means to us, and how we can connect as human beings, as we move forward together during uncertain times. .

This is a golden opportunity for humanity, to become aware of where we are now, and to wake up. In the face of the extensive suffering and disruption, as we look to what is most important, to what we value in our lives, we begin to see what is actually of most value. Indeed, as our focus sharpens to see what is crucial for our own lives, and that of our loved ones, we cannot help but also perceive what is crucial to our global existence and humankind.

Borders do not protect us from a pandemic, shortage of medicine, or economic impact. Politics running amok, and valueless leadership, does nothing to help us. Competition and bigotry cannot continue to be the norm. We find there is no longer a “leg up” in the ways of separatism, nationalism, or individualism. Even religions and existential belief systems must pivot to find a common ground based in human compassion if we are to work together to survive and thrive as a human species into the future.

The ancients of many cultures foretold of the rising of a new age for humanity, and I believe that opportunity is now upon us. Many have likened the current world situation as coming to a precipice, or to the edge. However, the choice to see and act must be ours. How can we, as individuals, make a difference in the seemingly raging and unstoppable current of modern civilization? This is the same, modern culture which was developed based on separatism, getting ahead, achieving our goals and desires, regardless of the cost. And the cost has been dear. Our very own planet- air, soil, water, atmosphere, etc, is threatened. Unnatural climate changes wreaking havoc, entire species endangered or extinct, biological threats and the ensuing pandemic, all unprecedented in our modern age, we now find to be a reality.

What can we do as conscious, caring human beings, to ensure the survival of our human race in the face of, not only the current pandemic, but the extremely unstable political culture we have allowed to come to pass?

What is our own responsibility in this? What can a single individual do to turn the tides of a faltering civilization?

We each must turn inside and cultivate the awareness of our highest, innermost self. The source of our being. That awareness and capacity which can realize the deepest, common truth of our human existence. When we finally realize that we are not simply the external, physical body, but connected in a way that links all of creation, our perception will change. Our decisions will come from a much higher capacity, a deeper divinity, a collective morality which will act in a way to protect all of life, all of humanity, all of this precious planet which we call home.

From that place of awakened consciousness, we will no longer act only as separate individuals, just looking out for our own good. From a pure human depth of compassion and insight, we will naturally account for the great interconnectedness of all humanity, all of life. We will respect the relationship of ourselves to this beautiful, blue world which harbors us all.

As each human heart adds to the collective mass of evolving human consciousness, we begin to create a more enlightened and sustainable civilization grounded in the highest of human values for the benefit of all.


Part 2: Individual Awakenings Lift Humanity

For further reading about ancient world history, and the current way of human civilization, see The Source of the Present Civilization, written by, Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono, O Sensei.

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