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Welcome to the Wellspring Within

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 Welcome to the Wellspring Within

If you are here, you’re reading this for a reason. Welcome! There are no accidents. Perhaps you’ve been searching for your own inner wellspring of inner peace and healing?

If you’re somebody who is managing a lot of things, you have a busy schedule, you have a deep heart you’re giving and giving, and you find that you often struggle with time to even care for yourself.

Like it always seems to get pushed off, into “I’ll do it at the end of the week.” Which turns into, “I’ll do it later. I’ll do it at the end of the year!” Or in my case, it turned into, “I’ll do it when I retire!” Because honestly, if you’re the kind of person, if you’re like me, you really want to deliver excellence in your life and you care deeply, but you’re probably over committed. Is that you?

Maybe you have a family, you have a partner, you have a job, you might have a team. You may have a lot of people who depend on you, or it may be that you just have so much you love about life, or you’re dealing with health issues that trying to keep it all together, kind of leaves you behind sometimes.

And the problem with that is it’s backwards, isn’t that so? We have to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of others with the kind of excellence and compassion that we want to bring. So, if you are not the kind of person who is ready to take care of yourself, if you don’t really feel that you have time, you’re not worth it, you don’t deserve it. Everything else is more important than you and your life. Then you might wanna come back later. All right? Because this podcast is dedicated to helping you create your own well-being.

So if you’re here, I salute you because it means you are someone who wants to empower themselves.

You’re searching for tools and means in ways. And you probably have learned a lot and you may even be someone who teaches and cares for others. A lot of my clients are care providers and coaches and teachers and healers and counselors and people who have others that they care for. So I’m dedicating this podcast to you! Creating your health. Your highest well-being – energetically, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So the kind of things we’ll be looking at here is how you can do this empowerment through self talk, through ancient practices, energy practices, and simple self-care practices. I just want to bring some light and share some information on wellness and well-being and mindfulness and meditation and all these practices that are abundant in our world. But you might not have a lot of time for them, but hopefully, you can listen to this and be inspired as you’re driving to work or getting ready or chopping vegetables, whatever you may be doing. I just am so happy that you are willing to consider more ways to take care of yourself.

So, who am I? Who is this person you’re listening to? I am just like you. I’m a regular person. I had a calling at a young age to go and study alternative medicine. I was called to go study with a great, wonderful master healer and Doctor of Oriental Medicine and world-ranked Aikido master named, Sensei M.M. Nakazono who totally transformed my life.

I was really sick when I was young. I had… my mother had died early when I was 16 and it plunged me into grief and into a Graves Disease, which was a really intensive thyroid situation, which became compounded with fibromyalgia. I mean, all kinds of stuff. I’m not gonna bore you with my medical history, but I’ll tell you what! When I got the inner calling to go to Santa Fe and study, I went and it changed my life. I learned so much! About how to eat, how to be the things that affected my body type so much. And in that same time, I busted out of my own childhood religious constructs, the mental constructs that were really holding me back. In fact, I was taught things about being a sinner and being separate from God and being not worthy and this came through my family lineage for generations – this kind of thinking, and it’s really damaging.

There was so much beauty in the religion I grew up with the candles and the singing and the prayers and the communion. The inside, you know, finding that source God’s self was so important to me. That was my whole thing! I loved that kind of devotion. I wanted to find God with all my heart, but, you know, I ran into a dead end because it just wasn’t happening for me.

So I reached out, I called out to the universe and I said, “I need you, whatever form!” And then that moment something shifted for me.

I ended up going to India where I learned to meditate with an incredible master of meditation. A modern-day woman-saint, who took me in. I served at the medical clinic after I got my license as an acupuncturist. And I really, really dove into it. So not only did I have the meditation and the yoga and the practices of ancient wisdom that I was learning there. I also had the ancient Japanese medicine practices and the healing work. I offered that service for 21 years.

After that, I became a teacher in education, as my kids grew up, and served in the schools. You might have a similar story that you went along your life journey from one path to the next. Things unfolding. Little do we know what’s happening next!

Being a mom was maybe one of the most, unbelievably, unexpected, beautiful events of my life. I didn’t even know what it would be like! And it has been fantastic! I have two beautiful daughters and they’re the joy of my life. Of course, I also have my beautiful puppy dog, who often will be accompanying me as I write or record these words.

I am here because I want to support you to create your own well-being and to look back at your own story coming through this journey of life. And I want to share these healing nuggets that come through from all around. I’m also very much into mindfulness and well-being, and I have been doing this work for over 40 years. So again, if you’ve landed here, and you’re still reading, you’re here for a reason and I am so glad that you are here.

As a gesture of thanks for being here, I want to offer you a gift. A gift that I hope you will use to start empowering your own well-being even more. And this gift comes from a project that I created. It’s called Golden Life Audio Journeys™. I’m inviting you over to the audio store because I think you are going to find a beautiful audio journey to support YOUR wellbeing.

These Journeys are guided healing meditations for your health and highest well-being. And they come about in many categories, like self-love and healing, peace and relaxation, and prosperity and gratitude. You can use these audios if you want to rest during the day. To help you sleep at night, or basically anytime you’re not driving or operating heavy machinery. You can use these audios to go into a deep interstate of relaxation and bust the stress that builds up day by day.

Our world is really stressful, and even if you’re really good at practicing a good diet and hydration, working out, and spending time in nature, even so, everywhere around us there is chronic stress happening.

We are in a global communication now, so we know what’s happening. We know about the traumas in the world, the wars, the injustices. We know what’s happening politically. We’ve been through the pandemic. There is so much that creates this “subclinical stress” and it’s chronic. It builds up. And if you don’t have practices to take care of yourself, to spend time in nature or go inside to meditate, do your exercise, your walk, all these things…if you don’t have some way to release it like that, it doesn’t wash away. The stress just builds up in your nervous system. And this is bad news for our health.

So in these posts, we’ll be talking more about getting into the relaxation response and using mindfulness breathing and guided self-hypnosis. I want to share all kinds of little tricks and tips as well as fun “Woo-woo” stuff!

I love the word, “woo- woo,” and I don’t mean it derogatorily. I just mean the wonderful tools, the wise woman tools, the ancient tools of healing, like crystals and nature. And ceremony, and ritual. Going inside. Manifesting your own sacred space. All of these beautiful self-healing practices I’m going be drawing from can empower YOU to create your own wellbeing! So I hope that you’ll join me in these posts. They’re dedicated to your health and highest well-being!

For you, dear readers, I want to pay for your very first Audio Journey. If you’ve already done them before, I’m still extending you this new gift of a complimentary Guided Audio Journey! So go to the store and pick out any audio single that you would like.

Use this special coupon code on checkout: WELLSPRING. So head over to the audio store, you’ll find it at

If you are like most of my readers from over 17 countries in the world already, you’re going to find that these audios really make you feel great. Let me know how it goes for you! Feel free to leave a review for the Journey you choose.

What’s happening for you? If you’d like support to enhance your own energetic wellbeing, please visit my Energy Tools Mentoring program today. (Enrolling now.)

All Blessings & Love,

💛 Dr. Jeannie Arunimā

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