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What is Wellbeing to You?

What exactly is wellbeing, and why should you think about it at all?

So, first of all, feeling well, feeling great, “wellbeing” is really a matter of personal definition. So what does wellbeing mean to you? Think about it for just a minute. When you hear the word wellbeing, what comes to mind?

For me, wellbeing is something that transfers through all the levels of my being. Physically, I’m feeling well. Energetically, I’m feeling really well. And mentally I’m feeling well! And honestly, to say,” Well, well, well,” doesn’t really tell you anything! So let me be clear. To feel physically good is to, for me, to be free of pain. It’s to feel the energy innovating my body so I can do the tasks, eat the food, walk the walks, do all the things of life, so that I can serve and enjoy my life in a feeling of physical comfort and goodness. Nothing is distracting me- no aches and pains. Managing limitations as best as we can, because we definitely have limitations in our bodies. We’re not flying around! We have to sleep. We have to eat. There are limitations. But to feel good in your body, as it is the optimal health that you can have physically, is what I mean by wellbeing of body.

The next layer that really affects so many of us is our energetic wellbeing.

Are you fatigued? Do you feel full of life? When your energy is down, it’s so easy to feel emotionally down. When your energy is low, it’s hard to get up and go and do the things you want to do or be with the people that you wanna be with in the way that you like to be there for them and with them.

When your energy is low, life doesn’t look as bright. And there are so many causes for our energy to be low. So the third way of feeling good, of wellbeing, is the feeling of emotional and mental well-being. While mental and emotional are two different states, most often people feel emotions based on what they are thinking, so I’m connecting them here.

For example, if you’re thinking thoughts that are uplifting, chances are you’ll be feeling pretty good emotionally. But if you’re having thoughts that are self-critical, doubt, or anxious, chances are you’ll start feeling that way emotionally as well, because thoughts and feelings are linked.

So when I say, “How’s your wellbeing? How are you doing?” I’m asking you about your wellbeing on all these levels. So here’s the thing I want to share in this message.

We create our own wellbeing.

Of course, we can take actions for our physical wellbeing. We can hydrate, exercise and take care of our bodies. When necessary, we can visit our doctors and healers and do all the things we know make us feel better. We can choose to be in nature, get a good night’s sleep every night, and maintain a sane schedule in our lives. We can do all these things to support our physical wellbeing. Surely that is something you already know how to work on.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already into wellbeing. The part that sometimes trips us up and tricks us is this idea of energetic wellbeing. Sometimes we’re leaking our own personal power. We don’t even realize that we’re giving our energy away to things like worry. Or not having the boundaries in place that are so healthy for us or ourselves, whatever those boundaries may be. There are a million ways we give away our power without even noticing.

For energetic wellbeing, it is critically important to become aware.

We must become aware of the fact that we are creating our own energetic wellbeing by your thoughts and physical wellbeing. Simply by where we choose to put our attention, we determine how well we feel. Truly taking care of energetic wellbeing not only includes physical wellbeing, but also emotional wellbeing, which starts with… you got it…our thoughts!

So today, consider this:

What thoughts are you thinking inside that support your own well-being?

Are there repetitive thoughts or very distant stories in your mind that are hindering your own sense of wellbeing? As you unpack this, begin to create your own wellbeing just by looking at the state of your inner world, your thoughts to yourself, your inner voices, how you feel about being in the world.

As well, be sure to support yourself with physical wellbeing, because when the body isn’t feeling good, it usually affects our overall sense of wellbeing. So I invite you to take a little look, a little gander at what’s happening with your physical condition. Are you hydrating enough for your body based on your activity where you live? Eating for the season, activity level, and location you are in? Are you getting enough nutrients? And are you getting enough sleep?

All these are acts of self-care, self-healing, and self-love. So if you’re like most of my listeners, you’re going recognize yourself in the fact that you are creating your own wellbeing. You are creating your physical health, your mental/emotional and energetic wellbeing every day. And what we do today impacts tomorrow.

For now, consider what’s happening in your own life. What are you doing to create (or hinder) your wellbeing today? When we bring awareness to what’s actually happening with us, we take back our power and can make choices to create our highest wellbeing, just for us.

What’s happening for you? If you’d like support to enhance your own energetic wellbeing, please visit my Energy Tools Mentoring program today. (Enrolling now.)

All Blessings & Love,
💛 Dr. Jeannie Arunimā

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