Gratitude Release

[19:30 minutes]

Gratitude practice is a deeply healing and powerful frequency of love that can wash away pain now or from the past.

When we take stock of all the goodness that we have in our immediate life, we empower that goodness for the future.

By turning your attention to these things you hold dear, you generate a higher frequency that naturally uplifts your inner state.

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This audio is designed for you to effortlessly elicit the natural power of deep gratitude so that it will shine its loving light on old patterns, pain, hurt, and emotional wounds in order to begin the healing process of releasing those things that no longer serve us. In everyday life, just reconnecting with this feeling of gratitude can be a guiding light of joy in the storm of a busy world.

IMPORTANT: If you have experienced deep traumas, please understand that this guided healing may bring them to the surface to be released.

Please seek professional support, such as a trauma therapist, counselor, or other qualified healer. You are not alone.

Music Credits, with gratitude to: Resonant SInging Bowl MediaArtSounds Audio Jungle; Tranquility 3 Phyllis Sanchez, Violet Flame Music

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