Manifest Magnificence

[41:16 minutes full-length version] and [24:25 short version] You receive both!

Manifest YOUR magnificence, abundance, and prosperity in this very special audio journey and celebration of the Universal Power of manifestation. Co-create your deepest dreams through the practice of awareness and gratitude of all the elements, treasures, and blessings already fully supporting your life. 

Create your sacred space and time with offerings, physical or mental, of the elements, symbolize in the flame of a candle, the smoke of smudge, the spray or cup of water, and a treasure of rock, mineral, gem or crystal from Mother Earth.

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Manifest magnificence! Listen again and again to empower your own magnificent and unique way of being, fulfill your dreams, and bring healing energy to your life on every level. This is a gentle sounding audio that can help you relax, float, or drift off to sleep as your subconscious mind hears and experiences the words and energetic empowerment of the Cosmic light of manifestation. 

This audio was recorded in honor of the celestial even, the Lion’s Gate Portal, 2022, which is said to bestow immense blessings of prosperity and manifestation for the Earth. By honoring and embracing the elements of fire, air, water, wood, cosmic life force, and the treasures of Mother Earth, we open our own beings with gratitude to receive the abundance of Universal blessings and light.

You will receive TWO versions! 

The long version includes the ritual of offerings and gratitudes for the elements, our senses, and being. The short version serves to rekindle the relaxation and immersion into the universal light of support, healing, and blessings available to all, at any time. Listen again and again to promote your own well-being.

May you bask in the Light of Universal Love as you manifest your own magnificence and empower your deepest, heartfelt dreams!

All blessings & love to you. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not listen to Golden Life Audio Journeys while driving or operating machinery. These audio journeys are intended to promote your own, natural self-healing process while resting or relaxing deeply with your eyes closed.

Musical Credits:

Tranquil Theta Waves by OctahedronMusic, Envato/Audio Jungle

Flame Candles by Almira23, Envato/Audio Jungle

Wind in Leaves by WavBrulee, Envato/Audio Jungle

Water Stream by Lowflybeat, Envato/Audio Jungle

Lion Roar by Pure-Noise, Envato/Audio Jungle

Lion Roar by SoundHills, Envato/Audio Jungle

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