The Gift of Serenity


[15:07 minutes] *Special Pricing*

In this golden debut Audio Journey, you will be transported into a feeling of serenity and deep peace. Visualize the lovely rhythm of nature’s ocean waves gently rocking you into a place of deep comfort and tranquility.

By listening to the audio again and again, you will find yourself learning to drift easily and quickly into a place of inner serenity, healing light, and well-being.

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The soft chordal progressions of the beautiful, meditative music will naturally soothe your nervous system as you listen to the mindful body scan cues and relax deeply into serenity, comfort, and a feeling of deep well-being. These natural and beautiful sounds join together to guide you into a deep, sacred space of relaxation, ease and inner peace.

*This Audio Journey is priced with the intention of being a GIFT of GRATITUDE for all of you who are seeking to create Serenity in this World. “9” is considered to be the number of tranquility, peacefulness, and love.

Many people believe “9” to be angelic and representative of great prosperity, clarity, and inner harmony coming soon into your life. May your path be blessed! May the Gift of Serenity encircle our world! Namasté!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Find a space and time where you can be quiet, comfortable and undisturbed. Headphones or earbuds are recommended, but not required. Enjoy your audio journey daily, and add it to your library of self-healing tools to return to again and again to create your health and highest well-being. Namasté!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not listen to Golden Life Audio Journeys while driving or operating machinery. These audio journeys are intended to promote your own, natural self-healing process while resting or relaxing deeply with your eyes closed.

Music Credits, with gratitude: Ocean Waves by HotDogs Audio Jungle; Zen Meditation by EliansProductions Audio Jungle; High Range Wind Chimes by CreativeVibrations Audio Jungle; Re-Mastered by Michelle Schmaderer, Digital Brands Creative

© August 2021
All rights reserved Golden Life Healing
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA


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