Release Expectations

30:18 minutes

Expectations take us out of the present moment, and are often not even needed. By releasing the heavy, wet blanket of expectations that we put upon ourselves and others, we free energy that has been constricted and gain a wondrous sense of inner freedom, lightness, and wellbeing.

The hypnotic, healing music in this Audio Journey supports you to go deeper into a state of deep restfulness, relaxation, and absorption in your inner being so that you can easily release the burden of expectation and be free to enjoy the present moment.

Listen and feel a sample here (Try it with your eyes closed.)


This Golden Life Audio Journey offers you the opportunity to practice a contemplative form of self-healing. By allowing yourself to take time to look inside yourself and consider where you may have been holding expectations, on others, or especially on yourself, you will bring them to the present moment and be able to decide anew if these expectations are serving your wellbeing and happiness. If not, you are guided to gently release old stories of expectation which may be outdated.

By bringing awareness to the subtle and often hidden expectation we may have, we are often surprised at where they originated. They are often from the past, and no longer needed. Sometimes they are a defensive mechanism we use to shield ourselves from fear of the future. And almost always, expectations diminish the freedom and joy found in the present moment, where we greet life as it is, accepting it in full measure and responding as we wish. Then, we realize we never needed to spend the energy to hold on to expectations in the first place!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Find a space and time where you can be quiet, comfortable and undisturbed. Headphones or earbuds are recommended, but not required. Enjoy your audio journey daily, and add it to your library of self-healing tools to return to again and again to create your health and highest well-being. Namasté!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not listen to Golden Life Audio Journeys while driving or operating machinery. These audio journeys are intended to promote your own, natural self-healing process while resting or relaxing deeply with your eyes closed.

Music Credits with gratitude to: 

Affirmation & Meditation by Ocean_Studio, Envato Market

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