Abundance Delight!

[23:04 minutes]

Relax and infuse your being with the energy of abundance, prosperity, gratitude, well-being and love in this delightful Audio Journey.

By noticing and appreciating even the simple things, like the life-giving element of water that exists all around us, we open ourselves to delightfully receive even more abundance in this beautiful life.

All Blessings to You!

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As like attracts like, immersing in gratitude for the abundant wealth all around us will draw us even more abundance manifestation in our lives.The soft, ethereal background music peaks the imagination, inviting the “gold dust” of cosmic creation to rain upon us to the sound of delightful rain showers that clears away all that stands in our way to creating a positive and lovingly abundant mindset.

Music Credits with gratitude: Rain by WavBrulee Audio Jungle; Rainstick Relaxation by Fefe75 Audio Jungle

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