Unaffected Haven Within


[20:43 minutes]

Empaths. Sensitives. Coaches. Therapists. Healers. Teachers. Health care providers. So many people are affected deeply by energies coming at them from everywhere, and the feeling of onslaught can build up into stress and anxiety and become overwhelming.

This powerful Audio tool combines guided healing, binaural beats, and sound healing to bring you back to the inner sanctum, the unaffected haven within. By learning to go within regularly in this Audio Journey, you will empower your own energy and energetic boundaries, and with it, your ability to remain unaffected by the mass of energies fluctuating all around you.

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Even “feeling” and “sensing” others’ energies, the cycles of the moon and movement of the heavens can be extremely draining to those whose energy is open, porous, and often very giving and caring. Is this you? Consider a complimentary consultation. www.GoldenLifeHealing/scheduling-page.

Whenever you are feeling affected by energetic or astrological forces, disturbing world events, or even stress at work, take a few minutes to return to the inner source of peace, the unaffected haven within.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Find a space and time where you can be quiet, comfortable and undisturbed. Headphones or earbuds are recommended, but not required. Enjoy your audio journey daily, and add it to your library of self-healing tools to return to again and again to create your health and highest well-being. Namasté!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not listen to Golden Life Audio Journeys while driving or operating machinery. These audio journeys are intended to promote your own, natural self-healing process while resting or relaxing deeply with your eyes closed.

Music Credits, with gratitude to: Binaural Beats by AveoAudio Audio Jungle; Star Space Sky by SoundMasterFX Audio Jungle

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