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 Welcome to the easiest practice of stress relief & self-care you ever found!

Give yourself the daily gift of wellbeing! By closing your eyes and resting with this Audio Journey, you will find yourself dipping into the Inner Wellspring of the body’s natural healing ability to find yourself refreshed, restored, and renewed!

 Instructions:  When you click on the download button below, you will be taken to a blank download page with a play arrow. Click on the three dots to the right of the white play arrow, and choose the “download” option.

Your audio will be downloaded to your device like any other .mp3 audio file. Enjoy!

Do not listen to this audio while driving or operating machinery! This audio is for self-healing purposes only.


P.S. If you ever lose your audio, you can download it again by returning and logging in to the “My Account” page located at the top right of the menu for our Golden Life Audio Journeys  store.


TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES? Please note, if you have difficulty locating the audio on your device, please search online  for instructions for your particular kind of phone, ipad, laptop or computer. At this time, Golden Life Audio Journeys does not have technical support for download assistance.

If in the unlikely event there is a break in the link to the audio, please contact us here and allow a max of 24-48 hours for a response, and we will resolve the issue or send a download by email.