Gratitude Renews Life Energy

Gratitude Renews Life Energy

Gratitude. What’s in your cup?

If you are like me, the first drink of the morning is a sacred event! As I swim to the surface of wakefulness in the quiet morning light, the routine of preparing my drink grounds me. Boil the water, grind the beans, rinse the pot. I could do this with my eyes closed. It’s such a familiar comfort. I smile at the thought, “If only my meditation practice [enter your own words] was so unfailingly stable!”

While the water heats, my eyes are drawn to a picture of the Hindu Goddess Annapurna, which I placed above my stove years ago, as a reminder to honor the gift of nourishment. I pause to recall the bountiful blessings of Mother Earth in providing sustenance for all her creatures.

The gift of gratitude arises inside. In this quiet, brief moment, I am drawn naturally to offer my prayers and good wishes for all beings to have their share of sweetness, as do I, in the blessing of a nourishing, morning drink.

Research shows us that gratitude practice has remarkable effects on our brain and body! Gratitude reduces fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Gratitude promotes restful sleep, positive mindset, mood, and emotions. And, gratitude even increases motivation! (See references and resources for further reading below.)

Gratitude connects me to appreciation for my daily life, my loved ones, and my entire world. When I pause to consciously offer thoughts and feelings of gratitude, reverence ensues. I am reset, renewed, and ready to meet life whole heartedly.

Gratitude practice, acknowledging and verbalizing what we appreciate in life, activates physiological and psychological benefits which will help us create a more joyful and positive experience of life!

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All Blessings & Love, 

Jeannie Arunimā