Imagine if you could magically step out of time and look back over your own lifetime. Which memories would rise, like rainbow-skinned soap bubbles, and float into your heart’s view?

Certainly the most poignant memories we have revolve around love. Feeling love, finding love, expressing love, losing love. When we are most in touch with life, the things we love, and those we love come sharply into view. And if you have had experiences that bring life and death into clear view, you too must feel that all that really matters the most, undoubtedly, is Love.

So what then, is love?

According to Merriam-Webster, to love is to hold dear, to cherish, to feel affection for, and to take pleasure in. For each of us, love holds its own meaning. So much has been said about love! Love is all. Love unites us. Love Heals. Love is all there is. Love is a many splendored thing. Indeed, love is probably the most mysterious, all pervasive, and multi-faceted treasure of our existence. What is love to you?

Love is the whole thing. We are only the pieces. -Rumi

When I was younger, before my first child was born, I thought I knew all about love. I loved deeply, and consider myself quite loving. If you would’ve asked me then, I would’ve told you that I knew all about love. When my first daughter was born, it had been a very difficult birth. But eventually, this swaddling baby was put into my arms. As I drew her close, and turned my head to first look up on her face, my entire universe literally exploded. A greater, more expansive love than I had ever imagined possible came over me, permanently changing the experience of life as I knew it. The love I’d known before was like a tiny egg whose shell had just cracked open into the light of a million suns, shining in the unending vastness of the Universe.

man facinggolden sun with arms open wide

Another time, when both my daughters were in their twenties, I was attending an Irish music event in Santa Fe with my two bandmates. We were seated in the highest balcony, looking down over the hall, enjoying the music. A slow feeling of pressure started to build up in my chest as I watched. At first I tried to ignore it, but it persisted. My breathing became rapid, and the squeezing feeling got worse. I began to panic as my heart started pounding. A shooting pain went down my arm, and I thought, “Oh my God, is this it? Am I having a heart attack?”

Fear escalated intensely, and just as it reached its peak, time stopped. I rose above myself, and could see myself sitting there, and hear the music in the distant background. I was keenly aware. Then tears began to flow down my face. I saw the faces of my beloved daughters, and then, one by one, faces of those I’d loved in my life appeared briefly. All I could think was, “Wait! Have I accomplished what I needed to? I haven’t got it right yet! Would my life matter? Did my girls know how much I loved them?”

Still immobile, in an altered state, I heard a benevolent voice. It assured me that not only my daughters, but everyone I’d loved, would absolutely know that I loved them. Somehow an inner knowing began to bubble up, replacing my fear. I knew with certainty that I definitely had loved. In fact, I had loved wholeheartedly, with a ferocity of conviction.

In that moment, I was assured that my life had been complete, because I had truly loved.

The doctors later said my symptoms were a complication of too much thyroid medication and exhaustion, not a heart attack. But in truth, my heart had been opened to a deeper appreciation and compassion for my own self.

These are but two beautiful bubbles of memories that rise when I look back over my life to think about what’s been most important. By the grace of God-Universe, I have been shown again and again that love itself is beyond my limited definition. It continues to expand in ever greater magnificence beyond the scope of words. It is there to hold me and reassure me in the most fearful of times. Love gives complete meaning to my life. I am finally learning to turn that love inside myself, and accept it. For 40 years I heard the wisdom from my Teacher that God lives within. That God manifests as myself. “Go inside and love yourself,” she said.

On this day honoring St. Valentine, I send this question out into the Universe as an act of…. love. So, I ask you again, whatever day this is for you:

What sweet memories of love arise when you look back at your own life from the place of deep stillness and compassion? Which lessons from love will you cherish and share?

I invite you to reflect on the gifts of love as you know it. Perhaps you will feel moved to write your experiences, as I’ve shared here? Or to sing, or dance, or laugh, or play. Perhaps you will offer your work with a lighter heart when you remember how much Love, loves you.

Wherever you are, whenever this is, I wish you Love.

All Blessings & Love,

Jeannie Arunimā

P.S. If you or someone you love wishes to develop more self-compassion and more self-love, please feel free to talk to me about strategies and practices that I’ve found really helpful! Schedule a FREE Welcome Call with me any time. You are a magnificent, unique manifestation of Love! Unveil this Truth, my friend!

The Rising of a New Age (Part 2)

The Rising of a New Age (Part 2)

Individual Awakenings Lift Humanity

Part 1, A Golden Opportunity for Humanity! discusses how the ancients of many cultures of mankind foretold the coming of a new age for humanity. And just as the start of the next season lies nestled in the midst of the current one, so too the next civilization of mankind is already beginning in the midst of our current world situation. In Oriental Medicine, this is an example of the “yin within yang” and the “yang within yin,” depicted graphically in the well-known symbol of Yin and Yang. But how does this help us usher in a new civilization? Considering the current state of global affairs, the future is uncertain, at best.

Yin Yang symbol

The question many ask, in the face of a seemingly hopeless and overwhelming situation is,

“What can I possibly do to make a difference?”

This is a great question! But we cannot leave it to dangle, delivering it’s message of incapability! We must continue to reflect and ask ourselves, where inside myself is this question coming from? What is at the root of this disheartenment? Clearly, the tone of the question reveals both the recognition of something needing to be changed, and, a sense of disempowerment. The words imply that, no matter what efforts one may exert, the outcome would be nearly meaningless. Has this ever been your experience? I, for one, certainly have, and of late, every time I watch the news.

When I experience this kind of discouraging thought, I shake my head, and just want to forget the whole situation, and shove it to the back recesses of the mind. This is how people go numb to the situation. The problem with doing so, is that a lingering undercurrent of disharmony continues in the background, as the situation is not resolved. Sometimes, as in our current world pandemic, the situation can NOT be readily resolved. Sweeping cultural forces, built over many, many generations, cannot simply be changed or altered through even the most ardent lifetime of one individual’s passionate efforts. The current culture of mankind is like and enormous wave on the ocean, and one human being is like a drop of water. What can the drop, of itself do, to change the tidal direction?

On the outside, one human being, or even a dedicated small faction, presumably can do little to create sweeping change. However, on the inside, there exists an unlimited potentiality within each individual.

According to modern physics, an actual connection to the entire cosmic landscape of physical existence. We are made of star stuff. We are made from the molecules of earth, sun, star, and elements. We are one with all that exists. Doesn’t this point to a kind of deep, human collective spirit within? Connected at our roots like the aspen trees, their branches so intertwined that a seemingly one organism.

The fact that we are not taught at an early age about our connectedness, to this world and each other, is a disservice to the human experience. In our popular culture (the same one that values sex, sports, and entertainment so much higher than educating the next generation of humanity) we place so much importance to material, external well-being. The focus is on acquisition, external accomplishments, and maintaining status quo.

Surely the deep thinkers, mystics, and devout beings realize a deep inner reservoir of human capacity akin to and cosmic connection. There is also a deeper reservoir of reverence and respect for nature throughout indigenous cultures. Why has popular culture gone so shallow as to create actions that are killing our own natural habitat and resources?

If we take the idea of human connectedness as true, we now have a platform from which to answer the original question. “What can I possibly do to make a difference in this vast human collective?”

blue aura earth in purple cosmos

Inner work. The answer when there is seemingly little we can do to affect a global change, is to work on what we can affect, from inside our own being to within our own lives. In this way, we effect change, one life at time, until such time as the critical mass takes over, and the change becomes a larger reality.

Perhaps we can take comfort in the adage from Oriental Medicine: the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, and visa versa. A simplified example is that the smallest and the largest operate under the same physical laws. The particles of an atom orbit the nucleus just as the planets orbit the sun.

Meanwhile, we also take mindful action as we can. An obvious example in making a difference toward how we are governed, is to vote. If we want to reduce the use of pesticide use across the country, we buy organic, and explain why to others. These may seem small actions, insignificant to huge problems, but en masse, they can be very powerful. The tidal wave of grass roots change is historically slow, yet it is significant and lasting, and broad-reaching. Change comes from within.

Just as the tender seeds of one seasons beginning lies in the height of the previous season, humanity’s future exists in silent presence of the current, collective human mindset.

If we as individuals put forth the effort to understand our own inner workings- our minds, mindset, emotions, patterns, etc, and make our inner landscape peaceful and clear, then eventually our society will inevitably change for the better. As individual drops of rainwater collect to form a lake, so too will human awakenings collect until there is enough shared awareness to change the current tide of corruption, greed, ignorance, and violence against one another.

Each one of us has the ultimate opportunity, perhaps even the responsibility, to understand the depths of our own inner being, forming ourselves into that which we would wish for our entire species and world. Let us hold a vision of deep respect for all things, animate and inanimate, and create an unshakable, common human morality which has compassion and awareness at it’s roots. In this way, we can begin to create our world anew, sustainable, secure, and sacred.

Each individual, human awakening adds to the collective upliftment of humanity as a whole, and in this way, we do have a powerful strategy to answer the question, “What can I possibly do?”

Wake up. Become aware. Make decisions from the highest view point that includes our sustained, global humanity.. Continue to develop the greatest capacity of being human, manifesting real love, in the greatest sense of the word. From the place of real love, divine love, we cannot harm one another or our world. In this way, we access our inner understanding and true power of discernment to bring about a new, and most wonderful age, for human kind.

My Saving Grace

My Saving Grace

The greatest treasure I have found in life is learning to turn within to experience the healing balm of the Innermost Self.

Universal Consciousness. The Divinity within. Inner Peace. God’s Grace. Whatever we wish to call it, I am pointing to the wellspring of existential, divine, inherent grace which resides at the very depth of our human existence. The place of our truest being, inner substance, or essential source. The treasure I’m talking about is the experience of learning how to turn within. In a word, it’s called meditation.

Sages, mystics, and saints from across world cultures and religions have written and taught volumes about this one practice… meditation. Christian mystic, Thomas Merton, spoke of it as the Centering Prayer. Zen students sit in “emptiness,” and Islamic and Jewish practices include spiritual practices of turning within.

Modern yoga practices are based on the ancient Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a great sage from a millennium past, whose verses teach of meditation (dhyana) as, the stilling of the thought waves in the mind.

Quite prevalent across our modern society, “Mindfulness” practice is making its way into education, business, advertisements, and everyday life. Even the renowned Mayo Clinic, promotes mindfulness meditation for its healing benefits.

Perhaps it is best summed up by the Muslim, poet-saint Malwānā Rumi, who was quoted to have said, “Christian, Jew, Muslim, shaman, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the mystery, unique and not to be judged.”2

Meditation is perhaps my #1 “tool” and saving grace to live a life of connectedness, health, and blessings. Even more important, is that it’s available to everyone!

In his book, Meditate, the much beloved Siddha Yoga Guru, Baba Muktananda, explained that meditation was as natural as sleep to the human being. In order to access it, we have to learn to turn our attention within. Despite the fact that most of us in western culture were never taught how to actually meditate, the truth is that every one of us can learn to go within.

The BEST TOOL I’ve ever learned for immediate relief, composure, centering, and more, is ALSO the most simple and natural entry point for meditation. All it requires is our attention.

sweet child with eyes closed in backdrop of cosmos

The most natural “tool” to turn within is our very own breath.

Near and dear, the most precious of friends, the breath is a magnificent and wonderful treasure available to each and every one of us alive today. It is our connection to existence, here and now.

Breathing in, we are accepting the gift of life in the form of oxygen, sunlight, and prana (energy).

Breathing out, we share our presence in the here-now, ready to accept the next breath anew.

With this simple action of respiration, we acknowledge our participation in the great play of life.

In my study of yoga and meditation, I learned that when the breath becomes steady and even, we begin to naturally experience a state of calmness, presence, and inner peacefulness. By learning to make the in breath and outgoing breath the same length, we naturally begin to turn within. And this is the first step in cultivating a meditation practice. Breathing.

By watching the breath, even for a moment, we begin to tune in to an inner wellspring that offers immediate renewal and calm.

Through repeated practice, our minds begin to enjoy the feeling of going within, and we are naturally drawn to repeat actions that feel good! By cultivating a loving relationship with our own breath, we begin to cultivate a practice of turning within.

All it takes is one breath.

Try this whenever you have need of solace, healing, calmness, or comfort.

Simply stop, for just a moment, and turn your attention to your own breath. Watch the miracle of life as it unfolds naturally, easefully, and of its own accord.

Breathe in deeply and exhale fully, one, two, or three times, watching the breath rise and fall with your full attention. Then allow your breath to return to it’s own, gentle pattern.

Notice how it feels, or how it affects your body and inner state. Is there a sense of relaxation, reset, or renewal, even just a tiny morsel?

Finish with a little smile for giving yourself just a moment to breathe, and consider this old Tasmanian proverb, “Little by little, a little becomes a lot!”


A final thought. A dear friend and Speech and Language Pathologist used to teach my special needs students that we could actually make a mental “Note to Self” (imagine pointer finger touching side of forehead), to remind ourselves of something important at anytime and anywhere. So, let us make a note! Say this out loud with me:

Note to Self…….. Remember to BREATHE!

And for just that one little moment, anywhere, anytime, we can bathe ourselves in the loving, magnificent rejuvenation of our own Inner Being.

All it takes is one breath.

The breath is our own treasure for life. It can comfort and restore well-being. Allow it to carry you through all the days to come, with deep joy and equanimity. Namasté!

All blessings and love,

Jeannie Arunimā


Note to Reader: If you or a dear one would like more information on learning meditation and mindfulness strategies, you are most welcome to contact me here.

Or, you may sign up for a free consultation to talk about your journey, and talk about further resources for practice and study. Often in the course of healing sessions, clients learn strategies for turning within, along with guided meditation for stress relief, relaxation, and transformational self-healing.


All references are hyper-linked to original source. For a list of references and further resources for meditation, please email me at

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Allergy Relief! My All-time, Favorite “Home Remedy”

Allergy Relief! My All-time, Favorite “Home Remedy”

so You’ve enjoyed the winter season with the crisp, clean air it brings. Or maybe, it’s recently been summer, and you’ve been feeling just great. With the long, warm days, you’ve been healthy and avoided any colds or flu.Your breath has been easy, and your head feels light as you’ve been going through your days. 

Out of nowhere, one morning is different. You awaken to find yourself with a heavy head. Foggy-brained, you make your way to the restroom, and notice dark circles under your eyes, and see they are red and puffy. Itchy too, you observe with annoyance.

As you make your way through this irritating fog, your brain kicks in and you start analyzing the problem. “Why do I feel so bad?” you ask yourself as you go through the list of possibilities. All you want is to clear your head so you can think!

Then the unwelcome realization hits you. Oh no! I remember this. It’s allergy season….. again!

Yield road sign with

According to the Center for Disease Control, over 19 million adults were diagnosed with hay fever in the United States (2018).2 These are just the cases reported by medical doctors.

Estimates show as many as 10-30% of adults, and 40% of children, suffer from hay fever and seasonal allergies in the US today.3

If allergy season affect YOU, then read on for my All-time Favorite, #1Tip for allergy relief you can do at home. It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s often the most overlooked, simple solution to soothing those pesky, irritating, and sometimes even debilitating allergy symptoms. As you may have already guessed, yes, it’s water. Plain, ole H2O! Surprise!

“How in the world will water help my allergies?

If you asked this, I’m glad you did! There are three important, simple-to-accomplish ways that water, the blessed liquid of life, can offer relief to those annoying allergy symptoms. They work by reducing allergens.

floating spikey pollen particles close up




Artist rendition of close up pollen particles

“Tiny, spikey tumbleweeds.” That’s how my own allergy specialist described pollen to me. Yuck!

These little guys are designed to stick in order to fulfill their function of pollination.

They remind me of those irritating weeds that stick to your socks and are so hard to get out!

Just imagine them sticking all over your hair, eyelashes, pets, and clothes every time you go outside.

During pollen season, the air is thick with pollen. For allergy sufferers, this is a real problem. Fortunately, these three, easy-to-do, home remedies using just water can often provide amazing relief and comfort

Three Easy Tips to Soothe Allergy Symptoms…. with WATER!

1-Wash away allergens!

Make your bedroom an allergy-free zone. Create a simple habit before bedtime to keep your pillow and covers free of the dust and pollens that stick to you during the day. This provides relief so the body can reset, and take a break from these external allergens! Consider making your entire living space allergy free.

-Keep pollen-laden clothing away from other clothes and your bed! Change into fresh evening wear or PJs.

-Wash your face with a mild soap and rinse well. Baby shampoo is a non-stinging way to wash eyelashes.

-Wipe off your hair with a clean, damp washcloth. It helps! (Remember your pet, if it sleeps with you.

-Rinse out your eyes & nose, if allergies are bad. Simple saline is the best. (If you use a Neti pot, be very careful to use correctly, as the sinus cavity connects to the inner ear, which could be at risk for infection.4)

2- Stay hydrated!

-Drink plenty of water to help thin mucus secretions. This makes it easier for the respiratory system to expel allergens. Drink enough for your body type and needs, but don’t enthusiastically overload your system!

-Hydration is known to have a positive effect on histamine levels, and actually promotes allergy relief.

-Be sure your water is good quality. Purify city water to remove chlorine and particulates that can add to the detoxification work of the Liver System and contribute to allergy problems overall.

3- Humidify!!!

-This is my FAVORITE tip! The comfort of a simple humidifier in the bedroom can bring huge relief! I like the white noise, but the soothing water vapor not only softens dry nasal passages and dry eyes, the water droplets in the air actually knocks down those pesky pollens and dust particles, removing them from the air!

I’m always surprised that just walking into my humidified bedroom makes me so feel great!

-Be sure to change the filter and keep your humidifier clean. There are many options out there, but even the simplest evaporative model makes a huge difference, especially if you life in a dry climate, or have the heater going inside. In damp climates, don’t humidify. Instead, check air quality, and potential mold sources, and consider a bedroom air filter or ionizer.

By taking action during allergy season with these three, simple tips, you can use our most abundant resource, water, to bring comfort and relief from seasonal allergies. This may reduce your needs for medications, or even improve their effectiveness.

 Of course this is a first line of defense. Diet, heredity, and environment all play a part in allergy patterns. .Allergy symptoms are often similar to signs of cold virus or flu coming on. Watch for yellow, green, or red-tinged discharge from eyes, nose, or coughing, as these may indicate an infection which requires medical care.

PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL ADVISE if you experience shortness of breath or urgent or ongoing symptoms!

NOTE: If you suffer from chronic allergies, and are seeking further relief, please contact me for a free consultation to discuss how Natural Life Energy Therapy may be of help to you.

All Blessings and Love,

Jeannie Arunimā ♡


Additional Resources

Four Factors of Allergies

Oriental Medical view

Local Pollen Forecast

About humidifiers


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4 (best practice for Neti Pots.)

Witness Consciousness Relieves Negativity

Witness Consciousness Relieves Negativity

Can you remember the last time you found yourself stuck in a funk, feeling down? Did you notice a litany of accompanying thoughts, perhaps familiar old tapes? Perhaps you’ve experienced the seemingly endless mental quagmire of a negative, disgruntled story that’s so hard to shake? If so, try leveraging the power of witness consciousness into your daily experience.

As human beings, we have the capacity to observe our thoughts. We have an awareness that is not limited to just thinking words in our minds. In the study of meditation, this is referred to as witness consciousness.

Welcome to the fascinating workings of the human mind!  Indeed, the mind is a prolific thinker, generating thoughts, ideas, opinions…. sometimes around the clock! What a marvel! What a beast! But, where would we be without it? Fortunately, our mind is so much greater than just the thoughts we think. How do we know? Simple! Because we have the ability to observe-notice-witness that we are thinking!

If we can know and witness that we are thinking, then we naturally have the leverage to choose what we think about! This is the first step in flipping negative thinking into a positive mind set, which can uplift our entire experience of life.

Witness consciousness, or being the observer, is the human ability to witness thoughts, emotions, and inner states without being ensnared in the experience. Being able to stand it the place of the watcher of what is happening in our thoughts is the key to learning how to transform struggle into peacefulness.

Consider the following example.

Suddenly, a wave of deep sadness, depression, or anxiety arises from inside. How do you react? What does your mind talk say? Perhaps, like many of us, you get caught up in a wave of inner dialogue that goes something like this, “Oh no! Not this again. I hate this feeling. Why does it keep happening? What’s wrong with me? I’m so tired of this feeling! I’ll never feel better!” And on it goes.

As you can imaging, this kind of mental litany begets a downward spiral, even deeper into the depths of sadness and despair. It’s like a snowball rolling down the steep slope, gaining size and momentum as it rolls. However, when we begin to train our minds to watch these negative statements with an observer’s perspective, it provides us a greater vantage point from which we can avoid being unwittingly ensnared by a negative spiral of thoughts.

The amazingly good, and seemingly unbelievable news is, that we DO have power to observe, and therefore change, our mental talk! We can use witness consciousness to bring about peace of mind.

As an unbiased witness, we make observation, neutral comments. “Oh, there’s sadness.” “I see it.” “Huh, sadness.” The simple distance gained by observing the thought, instead of leaping to judgements and conclusions, drastically  alters the negative emotional impact.

By taking the stance of the witness a healthy pause is created, giving us the opportunity to choose how we would like to frame our thinking about the feeling or thought which has arisen. 

When we practice noticing what we are thinking, we can lovingly and gently reframe negative thoughts into more positive and hopeful ones. This gives us the power to immensely improve how we are feeling! Developing the healthy tool of witness consciousness offers us immediate relief and freedom from the snares and emotional pain created by negative thought patterns.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling down and out, become the witness and notice what thought patterns are running in your mind. By simply watching them, you gain distance, and have the choice to create a thought to uplift yourself instead!


Try this Challenge: Watch the Watcher

While witness consciousness is often taught in the context of meditation, it doesn’t need to be limited to sitting time. Like all skills, practicing little by little adds up to a lot! Try this short exercise and see how it feels. Engage in these questions by reading the question, then pausing to close your eyes and bring your full awareness to answer the question.

Can you identify where your attention is directed?

1. Who is looking through your eyes right now to read these word? Can you turn your vision around to see the looker?

2. What do you hear right now? Who is it that is listening through your ears? Can you observe the listener listening? 

3. What are you thinking right now? Who is it that sees the thoughts in your own mind, the one that knows you are thinking?

When contemplating any of these questions, did you get a sense of being the witness?  Did you experience a mental lift or slightly different perception than usual? Keep contemplating! What question gives you a glimpse of seeing the seer?

As we continue to develop the skill of witness consciousness, we gain the ability to hold a healthy distance from negative thought patterns, and build a deeper peacefulness in our own experience of life.

If you find yourself beset by ongoing, negative thought patterns, or would like to learn more about meditation practices to create mental peacefulness, please contact me for a free inquiry call to see if Golden Life Healing services could be helpful for you.

For further reading

1 Poem on Witness Consciousness by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

2 Exposé on Witness Consciousness by Dr. H.K. Luthar

3 Yoga International: Become Your Own Inner Witness